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Federal and State Grants

Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is awarded based on federal guidelines. The federal program and the Financial Aid Office utilize your FAFSA information to determine your eligibility and award amount.  Pell funds cannot be credited to your account until your Student Aid Report has complete and accurate information, so please respond to any information requests from the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Students with exceptional financial need and eligiblity for a Federal Pell Grant receive priority for this funding.  The College credits the funds to your account each semester after verifying your enrollment.

Wisconsin Tuition Grant (WTG)

You must complete a FAFSA to receive consideration for these funds.  This money is only available to Wisconsin residents who enroll at a Wisconsin private college or university.  Your financial need and the State's funding policies determine your eligibility.  If you are awarded a WTG it will be credited to your account.

Outside Scholarships and Grants

Sources contributing outside scholarships and/or grants may include businesses, community foundations/organizations, religious groups, employers, etc.  You are required to report any funds that have been, or will be, awarded from outside sources.  Failure to do this may result in cancellation of your award.  You must report to us the total amount of the award(s), how, when, and where funds will be disbursed, as well as renewability of the award(s).  Your Beloit College financial aid award will be revised and we will reduce your self-help financial aid (loans and/or work-study) dollar for dollar.  In some cases, a student may be able to retain some portion of the self-help and use the outside resources to reduce their family's out of pocket cost.  In the extremely rare instance that all self-help aid is replaced and your outside scholarship is larger than the self-help in your original award, any remaining amount will reduce your Beloit College need-based gift aid.  The overall total dollar value of your financial aid award may change.