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If you have arrived at this page as a result of communication from the financial aid office, you should know what verification “group” (Custom, Standard) you have been assigned.  If you found this page through our website and know that you were selected for verification, please contact our office to find out the group to which you were assigned so you may complete the appropriate worksheet.

The verification process is dictated by the Federal Department of Education and we will not disburse any aid until all required documents have been received.  Those students selected for may also be required to submit additional items beyond the completed worksheets.  Those items may include:

  • Parent and/or student IRS tax information.  Acceptable documentation includes:
    o Tax Return Transcript
    o IRS Data Retrieval Tool (Although stated on the verification worksheet as an option, this service is currently not available on the FAFSA application. If you successfully used the tool prior to the service becoming unavailable, the transfer of your tax information is still valid.)
  • W-2(s)
  • A copy of a passport, social security card, and/or birth certificate (rare)
  • Specific tax return documents (rare)

Please find the appropriate document below that corresponds with your verification group; you’ll find a PDF that can be completed and signed electronically and emailed to our office. You can also print and mail, or fax, a copy to our office or use our secure upload site to send us your sensitive information.

Dependent student verification worksheets:

Independent student verification worksheets: