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Community Feedback

Invisible made VisibleVery cool experience! I want to be a scientist when I grow up and this made me even more interested.”

“It was outstanding!”

The passport program was well thought out and kept us moving. My 6 year old son really liked the electricity exhibit...Thank you- it was wonderful! We so appreciate such a great and local event.

“I loved all the experiments and activities.”

The buzz in this splendid building the minute you come in the door and all the great Beloit College and Kerry folks who interacted so well with my kids.

“We loved the brains and hearts display. This is a wonderful family event.”

I loved the fact that each area was a learning situation. My thanks to every person that volunteered and helped out.

“Looking forward to [2013].”

There was great scientific learning.

"We'll be back [next year]."