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Endorse Beloit College. Help us tell the Beloit College story by sharing your thoughts on Beloit and its value in your life. How did your time at Beloit prepare and impact you? We'd love to hear from you-- please share your story.

Rebecca - San Diego, CA

My Beloit College experience inspires me to continue to learn and live an adventurous, unconventional, and daring life. My Beloit College professors were the first people in my life to give me confidence that I was a strong writer and thinker. They believed in me, and I started to believe in myself. The Beloit College community offered me opportunities to thrive in leadership roles. Beloit College delivered a strong Liberal Arts experience that serves me in all my varieties of experience from teaching English as a Second Language to performing sacred music on my Hang drum. I appreciate Beloit College’s commitment to encouraging international experiences that cultivated my undying “I am a Citizen of the World” spirit. This strong foundation provided me with the confidence and intellectual muscle to learn Chinese and Gurumukhi. I traveled and taught in China. I’ve received an M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. I am a creative writer, a musician, a mother, and a KRI Certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Life is a rich and joyous affair! Beloit is an alma mater to whom I humbly offer my infinite gratitude and my most enthusiastic recommendation to new students choosing where to go to college. Beloit is an excellent choice. You will never regret it.

Abigail - Silver Spring, Maryland

Beloit gave me the confidence to be myself and expand my horizons. The intelligent, warm, and fun classmates and professors embraced me as my dorky inquisitive self. With my new found self confidence I was able to go on an exchange program in Hong Kong, have a radio show for 6 semesters, and design and curate an exhibit at the Beloit Historical Society. It was at Beloit where I truly discovered my passion for museum collections work. Now I'm finishing up a contract position as an archivist for a small town and I will be attending George Washington University for a Masters in Museum Studies this fall.

Chris - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

I wanted a small liberal arts experience so that I would not be taught by grad students working as TAs. I also wanted to compete in sports as a distance runner. Beloit added a great international studies component into the mix... I studied philosophy and German, afterwards got my M.A. and Ph.D. and now teach at a university in Europe. The great profs dedicated primarily to inspirational teaching and quality mentoring rather than research made my learning experience successful and prepared me for my academic career. (Additionally, I have great memories running cross country & track)

Jill - Hudson, MA

As a Rotary International Exchange Student living in Kurume, Japan in 1976 I met a Beloit College alum named Richard Lyons studying there, I seem to recall, on a Fulbright Fellowship. His willingness to share his experience with me made a lasting impression above and beyond the admissions process. It was a chance meeting that indeed changed my life. Thirty-seven years later, I am still grateful for the meeting and the inspiration it provided me - a Beloit College education really can take you anywhere.

Deborah - Widnes, England

There are no guarantees in life regarding employment or health. Having faced challenges and obstacles in both these areas, I know that the holistic and attentive Beloit education I received fostered in me the ability to face each difficulty from numerous thoughtful angles (one method didn't work? Try another), resilience, and with an abiding sense of mirthful curiosity; Cancer and occasional unemployment cannot survive against such fundamental qualities in my Beloit-honed nature. Thanks, Beloit.

Emily - San Luis Obispo, CA

People give me a confusing look when they find out my degree is in Rhetoric and Discourse, but then they realize it was a perfect fit - now I'm a recruiter/headhunter for a software company and use the persuasion, analysis, logic, and writing skills on a daily basis. I attribute the other half of my Beloit success from working in Admissions all 4 years - I learned how to promote what I believe in and love!

Lu - Newton, MA

Beloit warmed me three times in my life. I entered as a 17-yr-old, a member of the Class of 1988, having chosen Beloit because I wanted something different from the private high school I attended in the East. I was thrilled by the culture change, but should have taken a year off. Even as I went down in flames, Beloit embraced me. I returned a decade later after "trying out" many other schools around the country. I could fully appreciate Beloit's compassionate rigor, and was challenged and supported towards my degree, graduating in 1998. When my stepdaughter entered Beloit and was assigned my same first-year room, I felt again its quirky embrace. Her experience as a member of the Class of 2008 confirmed Beloit's place in my heart and mind. This history gave me an intimate eye into how Beloit has changed, yet stayed the same in the most important ways: it is an inclusive, welcoming place that supports exploration and growth. Its graduates are independent and innovative thinkers.

Robert - Brown Deer, WI

I remember finding myself while Rushing TKE. Though I didn't always agree with the men who became my brothers, I knew that they always had my back and I theirs. I remember all the TKE's helping our brother propose to his then girlfriend. Thirty gentlemen, walking into the an office, each of us with a rose, handing her a rose until finally our brother Rob was left. Of course she said yes.

Crystal - Somerville, Massachusetts

Beloit expanded my worldview and my sense of what's possible. My anthropology and sociology classes and studying abroad in Nicaragua and Uganda especially encouraged me to think about my responsibilities as a citizen of the world. Serving in leadership positions--such as a student body officer, Resident Assistant, and an intern for Tammy Baldwin--challenged me to think about what role I wanted to play in society. Now, thanks to the opportunities I had at Beloit, I'm at Harvard getting my Master of Divinity to be a Unitarian Universalist minister & moral leader

Natalie - Grafton, WI

I just felt welcomed from the moment I stepped onto campus. It was POURING rain and we were running from building to building...but even the rain wouldn't stop me from seeing the beauty of campus! Students and faculty and staff all had a word of hello and a smile. Why would you NOT choose BEL-WAH!?!

Sophia - Vancouver, WA

I hated the college search! I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career or even how to get started! I applied to various Midwest division III schools and ended up visiting Ripon and Beloit. While I had fun at Ripon, food poisoning dulled the experience of my first college visit. A few weeks later, I visited Beloit and had a blast! I had an awesome host, met the man who is now my husband, played frisbee golf, had a snowball fight by the Wall, and enjoyed the classes I sat in on. I returned again a few months later and had a. Repeat experience - I was sold! Beloit was the place for me. I ended up majoring in Anthropology (Beloit has a great Anthro dept), and minoring in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (another awesome department), and. Spent a great deal of time at the pool as a student-athlete. Good luck to those of you still searching - it all comes together in the end!

Mackenzie - Beloit, Wisconsin

Currently, I am studying abroad at the London School of Economics and taking the opportunity to travel Europe.

Susie - London, UK

My time at Beloit made me more confident in my ability to learn new things in the post-college world, but for fun and for work...not that those things are mutually exclusive.

John - Catskill, New York

Beloit College educated me. It did not prepare me for my vocation directly, but by indirection--more persuasive, more lasting. At an age when many of my peers have retired, I remain a student, thanks to Beloit.

Fran - Minneapolis, MN

I have run my own business for 25 years. It is completely unique and built around the talents and skills that were nurtured and developed at Beloit. I hold Beloit College in the highest regard, especially after being disappointed by "name" and Ivy schools I later attended, expecting something fabulous. Nothing held a candle to the critical,rigorous and challenging classroom environment of Beloit.

D. Roger - Mentor, OH

I was fortunate to be able to know my teachers and the administration well. We could interact over a cup of coffee several times a month. Beloit gave me a opportunities to build my social skills, my communications skills, and to build a sense of myself both spiritually and psychologically. An excellent experience that I'd wish for everyone!

Jean - Gilford, NH

My daughter recently transferred to Beloit as a sophomore. Stepping onto campus that first day we received a welcome like no other. Thank you Belioters for your welcoming smiles!

Jan - Vermillion, SD

I have always been grateful for my opportunity to attend Beloit. My experiences there have remained with me more than 50 years later and I have used my liberal arts education in various aspects of my life from laboratory researcher to stay-at-home mom to university administrator. Thank you Beloit faculty and fellow students!

Amani - Novosibirsk, Russia

I came from Atlanta, GA to Beloit in 2008 wanting only two things: to study Chinese and play sports. By my senior, I was studying Chinese and Russian, playing sports. I am now in Novosibirsk, Russia on the Fulbright Program teaching English and will attend graduate school when I return to the US. I would have never thought I'd be here. I give Beloit College faculty and staff credit for getting to where I am today and I mention the college everywhere I go.

Ian - Washington, DC

I have witnessed many Beloit students come as shy individuals, looking for their place in the world. At the end of four years, they leave with a strong conscience, and the willpower to tackle the challenging things in life that most will not touch. Seeing that in my peers became one of the best rewards of attending Beloit College.

Brian - Phoenix, Arizona

Beloit College taught me how to act and reflect, and in doing so, turn every interaction and experience into a teachable moment. It's this gift, plus the writing, research, and communication skills, self-awareness, and plethora of practical experience via study abroad, internships, and on-campus leadership roles that gives me the confidence that I can adapt to and ethically approach the complex problems of my community and this dynamic world.

Kenny - Dorchester, Massachusetts

From the discussions held to the lessons learned, Beloit changed my life. I arrived as a listless teenager and left a socially conscious, civically engaged young man. No matter where life takes me, I know that I will always be able to return to Belwah and feel at home.

Judith - Champaign, IL

When I came to Beloit I didn't know I could do anything; when I left I knew that I could. I learned two important building blocks of a successful life/career: how to think and how to learn. I was an anthropology major, but never worked in my field; but I always felt I could do whatever I wanted. I had a very successful career and am now enjoying an equally successful retirement. I always felt a commitment to give back--to my colleagues, those who came after me, to my community, and to Beloit. I have given something to Beloit EVERY year since I graduated. Class of 1969--and PROUD of it! GO TURTLES! (I even have a Beloit turtle tattooed on my forearm.)

Emily - St. Paul, MN

I met my husband Nick Stuber as a first year student living in Aldrich. We both talk often about how wonderful of a place Beloit was, both for our own relationship and the learning and growing that we did as individuals. Beloit challenges you to think outside the box and provides a supportive atmosphere where you can try new things. I credit Beloit with providing me with a strong academic foundation for graduate work and successful career and an amazing group of friends for life!

Adam - Tempe, Arizona

I graduated in 2005 with a degree in biology. Ken Yasukawa and John Jungck were the best professors a student could ask for. My experiences there as a student athlete were awesome. I played football and ran track. I was fortunate enough to be a Howard Hughes Scholar and a Sanger Scholar during two of my summers as an undergrad. Following graduation, I worked for the government, coached collegiate football, got my masters degree and just got married. Thanks Beloit for making the college experience so memorable!

Frances - Breckenridge, Colorado

Over the years I have heard people bash the cataclysm that was the 1960's. During those tumultuous times, through "the Beloit Plan" we were given innovative opportunities to gain life experience and integrate our studies with cultural realities. I continue to feel proud when I read the alumni notes from those classes, and hear the varieties of service in which we continue to be involved. Keep the innovations coming!

Dawn - Woodbridge, VA

My time at Beloit was amazing and prepared me for the rich and unexpected twists life sends. After running an analytical chemistry lab, I now find myself as a Family Practice physician, officer in the US Army, wife, and mother of 3. My liberal arts background has opened so many doors.

Gary - Arlington, VA

Beloit College's impact on my life can be summed up succinctly: I would not be where I am today had I never been a student there. The skills I rely upon to do my job, which entails tax policy analysis for congressional staff and Members of Congress, can be traced back to the research, writing, and critical thinking fostered by many of the courses I took at Beloit. I met the woman I was married to for nearly 35 years and who is the mother of my children through Beloit. And my love of learning, deep-seated desire to make the world a better place for everyone, and ongoing quest for personal growth and fulfillment all took root and began to blossom during my days as a Beloit student. For these blessings and others too numerous to mention, I give thanks. May Beloit College continue to serve as an innovative vehicle for the education, moral awakening, and personal growth and development of students for generations to come.

Ashley - Columbia, MO

My experiences at Beloit will remain in my heart forever. Beloit opened my eyes to a world of possibility and helped me find and reach my dreams. I endorse Beloit to all who will listen to me, wherever I go. I am now a 3rd year graduate student in a PhD program at the University of Missouri. I would not be here today, without Beloit. I loved my experience at Beloit so much, that I decided I wanted to be apart of a Liberal Arts environment for the rest of my life, hence graduate school to become a professor at a Liberal Arts institute.

Connie - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coming from the East Coast originally, Beloit truly changed my life. I was able to develop incredible leadership skills, learn in a completely different way, and make friendships and connections that will last. I thank Beloit and my double major every day for changing my perspective not only on the world but on myself.

Paige - Columbia, MO

Beloit was the school that made me happy that I'd attended college. The programs in the arts and the history of the place were a gift I hope to keep sharing.

Veronica - Cazenovia, New York

I graduated in 2002 w a double major in Rhetoric & Discourse and Sociology. I currently am the Head Cheesemaker for a small artisan sheep dairy in NY. People ask me all the time what my degrees have to with farming and cheesemaking. I point out to them that farming in the 21st century is a combination of chemistry, biology, economics, marketing, politics (local, state and federal) and logistics. In essence- it is the foundation of a liberal arts education- a little bit of everything. While I learned specific disciplines- the most important thing I took away from Beloit was critical thinking- essential for running a small scale agricultural enterprise in a global landscape!

Jan - Cottonwood, Arizona

My four years totally prepared me for life. I owe most of my success in life and my career to my liberal arts education. I will always be a loyal Beloit alum.

Karin - Mountain View, CA

I was asked at two different med school interviews if it was true that I could "walk on water". The varied experiences at Beloit gave me the confidence (coupled with a dose of humility) to fulfill my dream of completing an Emergency Medicine residency at Stanford University. I just had a Beloit grad Nicholas O'Block work an overnight shift with me the other night! Small world! Beloit also taught me the incredible value of team work. See this link:

Xiomara - Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Studying abroad improved my life and understanding of world views, and struggles. I was very fortunate to go to Beloit College, and I will always be thankful for the learning in the classrooms and outdoors the professors and administrators ensured we received. What an incredible experience it was!

Li - Los Angeles, California

I totally enjoyed my education at Beloit! When I was talking to my friends in law school about our college experiences, I always felt that my Beloit experience was unique and transforming. The academic rigor, the breadth and depth of knowledge I learned, the wide-ranging opportunities offered will all benefit me throughout my life. The spirit of liberal arts is the best thing at Beloit College!

Emily - South Thomaston, Maine

Beloit helped me discover the world and my own mind. My time at Beloit made me a better person--more adaptable, smarter and more adventurous.

Clare - St. Louis, MO

I am appreciating my Beloit education more than ever as I prepare for a leadership role coordinating volunteer efforts in Hurricane Sandy response in New Jersey. I've heard that a political science and philosophy double major wouldn't get me anywhere, but the problem solving, communications, and creative thinking I learned at Beloit are eminently applicable in the structure-less disaster-response environment!

Charmen - Kingston, Jamaica

My son got the opportunity to shine; at Beloit he found professors,coaches and other members of staff who gave him all the support he needed. Thanks to Beloit. There is absolutely no other college like Beloit College, THE VERY BEST!!

Jason - Beloit, Wisconsin

I'm amazed and inspired daily by the work of our students and faculty. A Beloiter by choice, I give in the hopes that my small contribution can assist them in their work and plans.

Meg - Carrboro, NC

I'm about to finish my PhD in anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Despite being 8 years out from my time at Beloit, as I write my cover letters for academic jobs around the country, I find myself relying on the Beloit model of teaching and student-centered research when describing the type of professor I will be. This experience is making me realize just how much my Beloit education will stick with me throughout a lifelong academic career!

Kristi - Munich, Germany

My father was one of Beloit's first foreign students (Norwegian), and he and my mother met at Beloit. As a girl, I couldn't imagine going to college anywhere else than there. My time was a most meaningful and life-forming experience, which I carried with me to graduate school and which has always been an integral part of my adult life. Beloit is a most wonderful place to study, explore and make life-long friends!!

Lisa - Warrenville, Illinois

My daughter was transformed by her Beloit experience. Now in grad school studying creative writing, Beloit gave her the personal interaction with professors she needed to soar, opening up new dreams and possibilities for her. Turtles... all the way down!