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Liberal Arts in Practice

Liberal Arts in Practice

The moment you realize what you read about, heard about in class, and talked about with your classmates and your professor makes sense—it clicks. The Liberal Arts in Practice does exactly that for Beloiters. It is hands-on experiences, transformational moments in a Beloiters life when classroom learning comes alive—it’s real life. And then, we talk about it.

Liberal arts learning is happening all across campus and the world—even in our own residential learning environment.
And the power of a liberal arts in practice experience is so vital to a 21st century education that it has become entwined with the curriculum and is now a requirement.

The possibilities, as well as the benefits, are endless for our students. They have had the opportunity to do experiences like: explore the effects of society on the slow loris in Indonesia (although, after our Beloiters are done, perhaps it will be the fast loris!), encourage eye health awareness in Ghana, or create partnerships with our local community right here in the City of Beloit. It’s been said before but bears repeating: practice makes perfect.

Let’s take Geology as an example: when students learn about minerals in the classroom, check out their chemical makeup in the microscope, see what makes them, touch them, taste them (yes, really), and then, go out, bear down in the wilderness and find them, explore, learn, stumble, experience, reflect…it’s liberal arts in practice. Or, when students take classroom learning surrounding sustainability and apply it to developing a community garden initiative—it’s liberal arts in practice.

These experiences, opportunities really, to accelerate and enhance learning are a unique and core part of Beloit’s curriculum. And the best part is, the students tell the story—they reflect, share what they learned, deepening the knowledge gained and providing the tools to keep them moving forward. As Beloiters, we’re lifelong learners—faculty will uncover new skills as they support our students, and you can join in too. By providing opportunities for discovery—such as job shadowing, internships, mentoring—we guarantee you’ll learn something new, too.

Support the Liberal Arts in Practice today and provide an “a-ha” moment for a Beloiter today.