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Renewing the Historic Core

Renewing the Historic Core 

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Projects funded by this module are providing for landscaping, paint and wood repair along the College Street residential corridor, as well as updates to the footpath from the poetry garden to Eaton Chapel and a new patio and approach paths for the World Affairs Center.

It’s time to restore the grandeur of our historic campus. Our campus home is beautiful, and many campus improvements have been generously supported, but there is still work to do.

In 2010, President Scott Bierman and the Parents Fund Committee began the Renewing the Historic Core initiative. Several projects have been completed, including:

  • The significant renewing of College Street
  • A renovated cupola for Middle College
  • Cleaned copper accents for Middle College
  • Stone work and a new south façade for Eaton Chapel
  • Restored masonry and new windows for the World Affairs Center
  • Replaced and repainted woodwork for Campbell Hall
  • A new front entry for the Library
  • Restored woodwork, roofing, and copper accenting for Morse-Ingersoll Hall
  • A renovated main entrance for Chapin Hall and the Commons
  • A re-made portico and plaza for Middle College with accessible ramps
  • Way-finding sign installation in front of the World Affairs Center and at the intersection of Emerson and College
  • New carpeting, furniture, and fresh paint for several living spaces

Take a look at some of the improvements! Now, our attention is turned to the north side of campus. We have already completed renewal of the exterior of Chapin Hall. Though thrilled with our progress and the momentum we’ve gained, we have plans to do more, and fast. Restoration of exterior facades and stonework, improvements in common spaces in dormitories, and illuminated walking paths, are just a few of the plans on tap. We hope you join us.

Renewing Our Historic Core

Students graduate, staff transfer, faculty retire, even presidents change, but our unique and beautiful campus stays behind to support the development and growth of future generations of Beloiters. From paint and technology to classroom space and residence halls, Renewing the Historic Core funds make it possible to keep our 170-year-old campus vibrant. Projects span across the entire campus and include everything from campus-wide signage to the reclamation of Emerson Hall.

Read more about past and current projects.

A gift to the Beloiter Fund—Renewing the Historic Core helps preserve and improve our campus’ beautiful features and historic buildings for new generations of students.