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An endowment is comprised of hundreds of funds established by donors. The distributions from these funds keep Beloit moving forward, acting as a source of financial stability in times of unfavorable economic change and ensuring great programs that promote discovery, intellectual curiosity, and social responsibility can continue. Your gift will be permanently invested to provide an annual return for Beloit, whether it’s through a general gift, a named scholarship fund, an endowed program fund, or funding for or creation of an endowed chair.

Your gift will be invested wisely with the goal of preserving or increasing your gift’s purchasing power. The endowment is managed by the investment committee of the Board of Trustees who is responsible for determining the investment objectives and policies. The college also utilizes the services of an investment consultant/custodian. The allocation of investment income from the endowment is used to support the operations of the college. The current spending rate for restricted endowments is 4.5%, which is based on a three-year rolling average. An additional allocation is made from investment income to fund development activities at the college.  

Who decides how endowment money is spent? In general, the donor decides by choosing from the following options:

  • Direct gift to the general endowment – the Board of Trustees decides how income from this general pool will be spent.
  • Add to an existing fund – these gifts are subject to the restrictions already established by the original donor.
  • Create a new fund – by working with the college, the income designation is determined by what best fits program needs and the donor’s interests. You can also name a fund in your name or an individual for whom you wish to honor.

Contact us for more information on making a gift to the endowment.

James E. Duffy'49 Society

In 2013, the Heritage Society, which recognizes alumni and friends who have included Beloit College in their estate plans, was renamed for an accomplished alumnus, James E. Duffy’49. The James E. Duffy Society celebrates the vision Duffy brings to his philanthropy at Beloit and exemplifies how all Beloit College donors can shape their charitable legacies. The James E. Duffy Society plays a vital role in the future of Beloit College. Through imaginative gifts like Duffy’s and estate gift plans that will build endowment for long-term support of the college, energizing resources are provided for the life-changing work of students and faculty. Read more...