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Parent Newsletter-March 2013

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Lectures, workshops, and hands-on opportunities all spring

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to cultivate their knowledge and rub shoulders with 'the greats' across a variety of disciplines through the Beloit Residencies. From visiting philosophers to artists-in-residence to pioneers in human rights, these distinguished guests spend a week or so immersing themselves in campus life, joining in your student’s classes, inspiring, and sharing their stories. Learn more about the Beloit Residencies and those joining us this semester.

Reminder From the Financial Aid Office: the preferred deadline for the FAFSA and Beloit College Financial Aid application was March 1
As we hope you are aware from a number of communications, we moved forward by a month (from March 30 to March 1) our preferred deadline to apply for financial aid for the 2013-14. If you were unaware of this change or simply missed the deadline, there is no reason to panic. If you wish to renew any need-based aid (including grants, loans, and/or work study), we require submission of both the FAFSA and the Beloit College Financial Aid Application. If you have filed (or will file) your federal income tax returns electronically, please try to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when completing the FAFSA. This assures accuracy in completing the financial information, particularly for those selected by the Department of Education for verification.

If you foresee a significant delay in submitting the required information, or if you have any questions or concerns, please call (608-363-2663) or email the Financial Aid Office to indicate the date by which you will file your forms.

Grants to students enable steps toward lives of purpose and consequence
By Josh Moore,
Associate Director, Office of International Education
Soon after arriving in a maternity clinic in rural Senegal to shadow a midwife, Jenny Gilbertson’12 was asked to assist with her first delivery. Still negotiating an unfamiliar environment and a language barrier, she fought off panic as the nurses placed the young expectant mother in full labor on a bare hospital bed with no sheets. 

Thus began a whirlwind three-week independent project that Gilbertson hoped would give her a practical understanding of maternal and infant mortality in West Africa as well as reproductive health challenges in the region.  Despite the short time span, “I was able to do more hands-on work than I could have dreamed of,” she reported.

Her three-week stay in Senegal was made possible by two grants offered to Beloit College students to allow them to engage in self-designed projects abroad. Made possible by generous gifts from alumnae and trustee Nina Weissberg’84 and her father Marvin Weissberg, and by Betty Chenoweth’55, 20 such grants were awarded to students in academic year 2011-12. Totaling over $44,000, they stand out as one of the most robust funding opportunities available for students to put the liberal arts into practice at Beloit College.  Read Jenny’s full story and see photos of the child, Jennifer, she helped join the world. 

A summer of learning
The Office of Summer Programs has great opportunities available on campus between June and August.  Summer Fields brings rising high school juniors and seniors to campus from July 7 to July 26 to participate in a college level course, live in the dorms, meet key college staff and faculty and best of all, earn college credit! This is great for your Beloiter’s younger siblings! The Center for Language Studies is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013, offering courses in four critical languages--Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. The full course runs for eight weeks from June 15 to August 9. Beloit Blocks is a program geared towards college students, allowing current Beloiters and visiting students to complete an entire course in only three short weeks (May 15 to June 5). Scholarships are available for all programs. For more information on courses offered, financial aid and important dates, please visit our Summer Programs site. We hope to see the whole family on campus this summer!

When you can’t be there…

From sporting events, to theatre productions, concerts, research presentations and more, there are going to be several occasions that despite your will to be there, you might not make it to campus to cheer on your Beloiter. You know it doesn’t mean that you don’t value that experience, and your student does too, but it doesn’t make it any less hard. Here are a few ways in which you can be a part of their experiences from afar:

  · Send a handwritten note of encouragement or a care package/flowers/cookie bouquet on the
    day of the event sharing how proud you are of your Beloiter

  · A quick call or text letting your student know that you know they are busy preparing, but
    that you are thinking about him or her

  · Ask for photos so you can share in their moment

Join us for spring admitted receptions
As the admissions committee finishes its work evaluating first-year applicants for the Class of 2017, the Admissions Office has held receptions for admitted students and their parents in San Francisco, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and New York. Future events will be held over the next few weeks in Denver, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Minneapolis. Although space is somewhat limited, do contact Kate Virgo ( in the Admissions Office for details if you would like to welcome these new families at the event in your city, or have an interest in hosting or helping with future events.

The Admissions Office is excited to welcome many visitors to campus (students, parents, and school counselors), and begin our work recruiting the Classes of 2018 and 2019. If you know of another student that might find their home at Beloit, you may be interested to know that prospective students will experience a redesigned Common Application, the application fee has been waived, and students will have the option of securing their place in our incoming class early as Early Decision applicants. Tell a prospective student about Beloit! Our upcoming visit programs are always listed at

A quick way to make a difference for your Beloiter
Beloit is yet again at the forefront of innovation. The college is embarking on a new approach to fundraising, and we’re moving fast. This new approach enables us to focus on mission-driven campaigns that invigorate our work and Beloit’s reputation. If you missed it, you can learn more about what Fast Forward is here; including specifics about each module and the November announcement of our out-of-the-box approach from President Bierman.

How can you be a part? One of the modules is Renewing the Historic Core (RHC), which we hope you recognize from past newsletters, mailings, or your own philanthropy. Just a quick refresher, RHC’s goal is to ensure that the legacy of a vibrant, inviting, and historic Beloit endures for generations. The initial fundraising efforts were spearheaded by the Parents Fund Committee and great work has been done across campus. You can see the renovations here. But, there is work yet to do, and we invite you to be a part. Learn more about the project and how you can get involved!

Important dates to remember:

March 13: Last day to drop a full-term course and Honors Term applications due for Fall 2013
March 20: Advising Practicum
March 21-29: Pre-registration for Fall 2013
March 31: FAFSA and Beloit College Financial Aid application due
April 5: Duffy applications due
April 11: Student Symposium Day
April 17: Spring Day on campus and Beloiters Unite! regional events across the world! Check out the locations and join in the fun