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Parent Newsletter-November 2011

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Your Beloit College student has access to a cadre of top-notch faculty members each and every day—and it’s an impressive and decorated group of people.

In addition to their many individual credentials and honors, the faculty’s expertise and focus on students has resulted in the college’s being called out in the latest U.S. News “Best Colleges” rankings for its “strong commitment to teaching” (Beloit appeared in the #15 slot); included at #11 on a “Best Performing National Liberal Arts Colleges” list prepared by the journal Postsecondary Education Opportunity; and celebrated in an article out today in The Chronicle of Higher Education (“Advising’s Role in Tenure”) that discussed Beloit’s unique approach to, and focus on, advising.

Each fall and spring, however, there’s another group of celebrated thought leaders who come to the Beloit campus to work with, and even live among, students.

Award-winning British novelist and journalist Giles Foden spent more than a month on campus this fall working with Beloit students while writing (largely on the lawn outside the college guest house) his forthcoming book. The Last King of Scotland author read from his manuscript, tentatively titled Meet Me at the Blue Leopard, at a public reading on campus in September. (If you missed the live version during Family & Friends weekend, you can view the entire reading here.)

Also among this semester’s list of visiting lecturers was Mark Drumbl, Beloit’s fourth annual Weissberg lecturer on International Human Rights. The author and director of the Transitional Law Institute at Washington & Lee University School of Law delivered a September keynote titled "Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy," which is also available online.

You can browse other lectures, including Dean of Students Christina Klawitter’s convocation address on “running in the rain” and President Bierman’s reunion message to alumni, on the college’s YouTube channel at


Getting involved isn’t just for students

When the Admissions Staff is traveling the country recruiting for Beloit, it's always a pleasure for us to run into enthusiastic parents of Beloit students. Parents are often some of our best recruiters!  We are often asked, "What can I do to get more involved with Beloit College as a parent?"   With that in mind, here are some suggestions.

Each spring, Beloit hosts receptions for admitted students in some metropolitan areas througLucia's Beloithout the United States.  Beloit parents have played an important role in these events by not only attending, but providing a venue for prospective students and their families to learn more about Beloit College.  If you are willing to donate the use of your home, country club, business, etc., to welcome future Beloiters, please contact Kate Virgo, Alumni/Parents Admissions Program Coordinator for more details at

One simple way that all alumni and parents can help the College is simply to raise awareness of Beloit in your area.  Here are our thoughts on how you can help more prospective students learn about Beloit College:

-"like" Beloit College on your Facebook page
-view/send Beloit College videos on YouTube
-put a Beloit College window decal on your car
-refer a student to the Admissions Office
-give a copy of Colleges That Change Lives to a high school student you know or to a local college guidance office
-follow Beloit College and Beloit College Athletics on Twitter

Thank you for your support of Beloit College!


Food Task Force in full swing

As a Beloit alumna, I can attest to the fact that when Beloiters past and present talk about their time at this college, it’s not just the favorite professors or preferred co-curriculars that merit mention, but also the day-to-day particulars of living on this campus—and one way this community gathers daily is over food.

In September, President Bierman asked me to lead a group of Beloit staff, faculty, and students to think about what a “distinctly Beloit-ish” dining service would look like. Self-operated? Sustainable? Three-square-meals a day? Expanded grab-and-go options?

Over the last few months, the Food Task Force has collected input from hundreds of students, faculty, and staff, and has visited other small colleges to see how they go about the business of delivering food services. The input has been wide-ranging, and has covered everything from access (a late-night option is commonly discussed); the spaces we eat in; the importance of respecting the contributions of our current food service employees; catering needs; and food as a vehicle for learning. Of course, front and center in the conversation is the food itself, which the community has repeatedly requested be fresh and tasty, while being mindful of dietary restrictions, vegan and vegetarian options, and students whose tastes tend more towards meat-and-potatoes fare.

Currently, the task force is considering all of these themes as it composes a request for proposals, which will outline these priorities to any management company interested in bidding to provide food services on the Beloit College campus. It is anticipated that a request for proposals will be sent out toward the end of November, with food management companies visiting campus in January.

As President Bierman said at the beginning of this process, “The time is right to align a Beloit College food service program with student, family, and community expectations.” A core expectation in this community is that its members will offer their insight and perspective; we hope that your student will share his or her opinions with us as we move forward in this process.

Christina Klawitter’98
Dean of Students


Renewing the Historic Core

Middle College

Fall at Beloit is beautiful, due much in part to our historic campus. Our iconic buildings, like Middle College, Morse-Ingersoll Hall, Eaton Chapel, and the Pettibone World Affairs Center, enveloped with orange, yellow, and red leaves paint an amazing landscape for the many memories shared and lessons taught and learned at Beloit.

You may have already heard of President Scott Bierman’s initiative to restore the grandeur of our historic campusRenewing the Historic Core ensures that the legacy of a vibrant, inviting, and exciting Beloit, given to us by previous generations, endures for current and future generations of Beloiters. The Parents Fund Committee spearheaded initial fundraising efforts for the project, and the first buildings to receive attention were the Pettibone World Affairs Center and Eaton Chapel. Projects undertaken and funded by Renewing the Historic Core will make a great impact on your student’s experience at Beloit.   

We are thrilled with the momentum we’ve gained and the progress we have made, but important work yet remains. Learn more about the project and how you can get involved!


Seeking opportunities outside of Beloit

For many Beloit College students, study abroad is at the heart of their studies, enabling them to practice the liberal arts while acquiring the intercultural competencies crucial to living and working in today’s rapidly changing world. Although fewer than 5% of American college students study abroad, approximately 65% of all Fortune 500 CEOs did so, and when they and other emBeloiters in Londonployers hire, they look for the knowledge and skills acquired through study abroad.

Beloit College’s application deadline for 2012-13 off-campus study is February 1. Approximately 50% of Beloit College students study abroad before they graduate, with up to 20 students studying off-campus in the U.S. each year.  Study abroad and domestic off-campus study are possible no matter a student’s major, and financial aid facilitates access no matter a student’s economic status. Beloit College encourages students to approach study abroad and domestic off-campus study with intention; we help students determine their goals and how they will achieve them. 

Information on program options, the application process, and advising is available on our website:  and we are happy to work with students one-on-one to make sure they feel confident as they prepare their applications.

We hope you will encourage your student to take advantage of the rich learning opportunities afforded by study abroad.  Study abroad will help prepare them for life.

Elizabeth Brewer
Director of International Education


Important dates to remember

Nov. 24-27: Thanksgiving break
Dec. 1: Last day to cancel spring term residence hall contract without penalty
Dec. 9: Send care package
Dec. 14: Last day of classes
Dec. 15-20: Study and exam days
Dec. 21: Residence Halls close for all students at 5 p.m.
Jan. 15: Residence halls open for all students at Noon
Jan. 16: Registration check-in/drop-add day
Jan. 17: Classes begin
Feb. 1: 2012-13 off campus study application due
Mar. 3-11: Mid-term break