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Parent Newsletter-March 2012

March 2012

Whether your student is coming home to visit this spring break or taking a trip to D.C. to job shadow through the Weissberg Program in the Human Rights, planning to explore Chicago with student life or the Writers' Club, doing good work in Mexico with the Peace & Justice Club, backpacking through Georgia with OEC, or traveling abroad, we hope this spring break brings a chance for you to be impressed with how much your child is learning and growing.

Practicing the liberal arts year-round

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door, nor does it take a summer vacation. At Beloit College, we help budding practitioners of the liberal arts find and fund opportunities around the world throughout the year. Several deadlines are approaching to take advantage of these opportunities:  spring credit and non-credit internship registration forms are due March 21, the Duffy application form is due April 6, the summer enrolled academic credit internship deadline is June 1, and the summer registered non-credit internship deadline is June 15. 

From their very first semester, through intentional advising, students come to understand how all of their experiences – from athletics and work study to summer jobs and internships– help shape their academic and professional trajectories.

Campus Map Creators

They learn how to use their skills, knowledge, and resources so that one opportunity leverages the next. Most Beloit students complete not one, but two internships.

The staff at the Liberal Arts in Practice Center provides guidance and resources for summer options. While many of these are paid, other great opportunities are not, so each year, more than 50 students receive funds from over 20 different sources available exclusively to Beloiters. Funding proposal workshops led by Betsy Brewer, Director of the Office of International Education, and Carol Wickersham, Director of Community-Based Learning, equip students with the skills they need to compete for these funds. Just to give you an idea of the scope:  students have studied and promoted human rights in Burma, worked on a wetlands preservation at the Nygren nature preserve in Northern Illinois, helped to curate a show at the Smithsonian, written and broadcast TV news in Green Bay, studied crane migration in Siberia, participated in medical research in Japan, started their own magazine, and worked in high finance from Hong Kong to New York. In addition to Beloit-only opportunities, our students are highly competitive for national and international opportunities such as National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates, internships with the United Nations, the Federal Government, and the world’s most sought-after corporations. 

At the end of their four years, our graduates–your children–are ready to make their mark on the world.

Reminder From the Financial Aid Office:  FAFSA and Beloit College Financial Aid application deadline approaching
A friendly reminder that the deadline to apply for financial aid for the 2012-13 academic year is March 31. Beloit requires both the FAFSA and the Beloit College Financial Aid Application to renew financial aid awards.  If you are filing your federal income tax returns electronically, we urge you to complete the FAFSA after that (a two-week lag is recommended) in order to use the IRS data retrieval tool embedded in the online FAFSA. This assures accuracy in completing the financial information, particularly for those selected by the Department of Education for verification. 

If you are unable to meet the March 31 deadline, please email the Financial Aid Office to indicate the date by which you will file your forms. 

From the Dean of Students
Christina Klawitter’98

Energized. Challenged. Surprised. Concerned. Optimistic.
This describes my first six months as Beloit College’s new dean of students.  Here’s a taste of some of my first meaningful conversations with Beloiters…

Your son or daughter may have told you or you may remember from the fall Parent Newsletter that we are planning for significant changes to our food service program. During the next few weeks, a decision will be made to maintain a self-operated food program or contract with a food management company. If the latter, we will need to select a provider. 

Students have been involved at each stage, and the engaging dialogue usually leaves me energized, but challenged, as I try to listen intently and understand clearly what really matterEnjoying a meals to students. I’ve learned that we must have a robust food program that meets students’ diverse needs for fresh food and late night options. We must grow a program where students learn about food and nutrition in ways that prepare them to be responsible, healthy, ethical citizens. We must do all of this as we maintain focus on affordable, flexible meal plans. Without fail, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how interested students are in what they eat, where it comes from, and who is preparing it for them. 

My only concern is that this is a really important decision, and we need to get it right. I’m completely optimistic that we will get it right, for your son or daughter, and for Beloit, because food matters. And it matters a lot in a community like ours. We will get it right because we’re listening to our students.

Rest assured that you and I share a goal: feed your student good, healthy food that nurtures their mind and body, for a reasonable price, and foster a dining atmosphere where your Beloiter can integrate socially and intellectually in ways that make their Beloit education more meaningful. Want to read a little bit more about it?  Visit the Terrarium and search ‘food’.

Beloit to offer intensive summer courses in 2012
Beloit College students and undergraduates from other schools will have the chance to enroll in a compressed, credit-bearing course through a new program called Beloit Summer Blocks. The intensive, three-week-long courses, taught by Beloit faculty, earn one full unit of Beloit College credit as they explore topics through an in-depth block format that is only possible during summer.

Courses run from May 17 through June 6, 2012, and each class packs a full semester of content into three weeks.

Four courses are offered this year, ranging from an examination of evil and the historical and contemporary efforts to understand its nature, to an interdisciplinary approach to reading and writing that enlists the bicycle as its vehicle, to an in-depth look at the sparks that ignite artistic creation and models and methods for harnessing them, to a study of the mission-driven, socially conscious marketplace and the movements that support it.

ClassesBicycle will range in size from nine to 15 students, allowing students and faculty to collaborate fully and immerse themselves completely in their subject. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and financial aid may be available to Beloit students for tuition that is significantly discounted from the regular academic year rate per course. Students enrolled in Summer Blocks are not required to live on campus, but campus housing will be available for a fee.


Registration is available through the Office of Summer Programs. Details, including full course descriptions, are available here.

Join us for spring admitted student receptions
As the admissions committee finishes its work evaluating applicants for the Class of 2016, plans have been made to hold admitted student receptions in 10 locations. A reception in Washington, D.C., has been paired with an alumni event on Thursday, March 8. Admitted students and their parents have also been invited to receptions being held in Denver on March 10, San Francisco and Boston on March 11, Portland on March 17, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and New York on March 18, and Chicago on March 24. Although space is somewhat limited in these locations (the D.C. event is already at capacity), do contact Kate Virgo ( in the admissions office for details if you would like to welcome these new families at the event in your city.

Important dates to remember:
March 3-11: Mid-term break
March 14: Last day to drop a full-term course
March 21: Advising Practicum
March 21: Spring credit and non-credit internship registration forms due
March 22-30: Pre-registration for Fall 2012
March 31: FAFSA and Beloit College Financial Aid application due
April 6: Duffy applications due
April 12: Student Symposium Day
April 18: Spring Day on campus and Beloiters Unite! regional events across the world! Check out the locations and join in the fun.