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Sunday Evening Call - Beloit College Parent Newsletter

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Student work and generosity showcased at Symposium
For the 38th year, the college hosted Student Symposium day on Thursday, April 16. Over 80 presentations of student work and experiences took place across campus. Topics ran the gamut from music and emotion, “miracle fruit,” and stream critters to the college’s particle accelerator, ancient political advertisements, and the Latino male achievement gap. It was, as President Scott Bierman would say, a great day to be a Beloiter—
and a great to be on campus.

For the second straight year, some of the college’s most generous benefactors were invited to this day to see what their philanthropy is making possible. We took time in the evening to share a meal and thank them for their generosity. In addition to honoring those members of our lifetime giving societies, we also recognized Marvin Weissberg, a Beloit parent and the benefactor of the college's Weissberg program, with the D.K. Pearsons Award. See the award video featuring Marvin and Nina Weissberg, alumni who participated in the program while they were students, and more.

If you weren’t able to attend Symposium, you can enjoy a few of the presentations here.

Commencement is Sunday, May 17—details available
Where to go, where to stay, times, special events… you can find all of your commencement information at

Artist, educator and activist Favianna Rodriguez will give the Commencement address. Rodriguez, who describes herself on Twitter as an “artist, activist, and agitator that works for a better planet,” is known for her vibrant and arresting artwork that champions human rights issues and seeks to celebrate, safeguard, and advance the rights of women, of immigrants, young people, and others. 
Read more.

You can also watch the ceremony live and online beginning at 11 a.m. at

#BeloiterUP for Beloit; the college’s first Giving Day a success 
In conjunction with Beloiters Unite! events occurring across the country, Spring Day on campus (a day for students to de-stress, relax, and ramp up for a busy end to the semester), Earth Day, and more, the college hosted its first Giving Day. Many parents, friends, students, and alumni participated in this day and helped smash the one-day goal of $22,000, instead raising more than $40,000. These dollars go directly to supporting the college’s Beloiter Fund—annual fund—and providing resources for your student in way of campus preservation, scholarships, alumni connections through the 
senior class gift (still accepting gifts!), and in all of the places and spaces in between through ‘where the need is greatest.’ Thank you.

Admitted Student Receptions this spring bring connection; deposits
As we shared in our March e-newsletter, this spring was full of Beloit events across the country including admitted student receptions. Prospective families had an opportunity to meet with current families and alumni to learn more about what it means for their student to be a Beloiter. A special thank you to those that were able to serve as hosts and ambassadors. As of today, the college has met its fall 2015 enrollment goal, and the admissions division is crediting these events, in part, for the success. 

#BlackLivesMatterBeloit events bring awareness
The spring semester at Beloit kicked off with a student, staff, and faculty-initiated effort aimed at discussing, raising awareness around, and rallying support for issues impacting people of color – including Beloit faculty, staff, and students. While three panels anchored this #BlackLivesMatterBeloit effort (see those here: 1, 2, and 3), there were numerous other conversations, speakers, and events that aligned with or sprung out of this dialogue. This work, coupled with a growing Sustained Dialogue program at the college (among other efforts), is helping challenge and shape the college dialogue and environment. And when racist incidents rocked the campus in February, it was in this new and growing atmosphere of reflection, awareness, and hard truths that much of the campus responded.

If you didn’t have a chance to read President Bierman’s letter in the latest Beloit magazine, please do take a moment to read it, as it offers a useful recounting of the incidents that occurred and his own reflections on the necessary dialogue and work that has begun at Beloit. Stay tuned for additional updates in the summer edition of the Beloit magazine.

Check out the Bookstore online
Did you know? The 
Beloit College Bookstore has more than just books. You can send care packages, outfit your Beloiter (and you!) with sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, spirit items, and more. If you visit their website and Facebook page, you can find out what the ‘hot item’ of the month is, get the hat President Bierman is wearing, and learn about software and hardware discounts. You can also order online. Check it out!

Summer; tips and tricks for adjusting to a college student at home
Whether your student is taking the summer to readjust and relax, working in their hometown, working abroad, taking summer classes, interning, or… it can be a challenge to shift schedules and acclimate to life outside of college. After all, college is a transformational experience—we hope you will take this opportunity to get reacquainted with your Beloiter and enjoy learning more about his or her life-changing moments.

As we see this each year, we have a few ideas that we’ve shared in that past that have proven helpful. First and foremost, as you and your Beloiter adjust (or readjust) to your new roles, keep the lines of communication open. If your student is at home, talk about expectations from the beginning—such as curfew, who will take care of the laundry, and family time. Remember, they’ve been fairly independent at Beloit—making their own decisions on when to eat, sleep, do homework, etc.—so regardless of the amount of time away, everyone will need to take a moment to adjust. Discover together how your relationship is changing, often in healthy ways, and take a little time to talk through the year’s accomplishments and challenges.

Mark your calendars for Beloiter Days: Family & Friends Weekend 2015!  
September 18-20, 2015, we’ll welcome families to campus for myriad activities, quality time with your student, and, homecoming festivities! Details will be revealed this summer, but please save the date!

Important dates to remember:
May 6: Last day of classes 
May 7: Study day
May 8-9: Final Exam days
May 10: Study day
May 11-12: Final Exam days
May 13: Residence halls close for all non-seniors
May 14-15: Senior activities
May 16: Baccalaureate—will be live streamed!
May 17: Commencement—will be live streamed!
                8 p.m., Residence halls close for seniors
June 15: Last day to cancel fall term residence hall contract without penaltylty

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