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Mailing Addresses

The mailing address for all offices, faculty, and staff is:

<Name of office, faculty, or staff member>
Beloit College
700 College St.
Beloit, WI 53511-5595

The mailing address for students is:

<Name of student>
Beloit College Box <Box number>
700 College St.
Beloit, WI 53511-5595

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Main Switchboard  608-363-2000  
Security     608-363-2355  
Academic Advising      608-363-2602
Accounting 608-363-2239  
Admissions 608-363-2500
Athletics 608-363-2296  
Bookstore 608-363-2375
Career Services 608-363-2673
Dean of Students 608-363-2660
Fax: 608-363-2670
Financial Aid (enrolling students)   608-363-2500
Financial Aid (current students)  608-363-2663
Information Services and Resources (ISR) 608-363-2483  
International Education 608-363-2269  
Learning Enrichment and Disability Services 608-363-2572
Logan Museum of Anthropology   608-363-2677
Parents Fund  608-363-2511  
Registrar 608-363-2640
Residential Life 608-363-2350
Sports Information  608-363-2229  
Theatre Box Office 608-363-2755  
Wright Museum of Art  608-363-2677

Fax Numbers

Accounting 608-363-2897  
Admissions 608-363-2075  
Athletics 608-363-2044  
Career Services in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center 608-363-2109  
International Education 608-363-2689  
Learning Enrichment and Disabilities Services 608-363-7059  
Security 608-363-2094  
Theatre 608-363-7009

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