Parents Fund Committee

The Parents Fund Committee is a group of past and current family volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing the Beloit College experience for our students. Being a part of the PFC is a way to take an active role in furthering Beloit’s mission as a parent and a donor – and we definitely keep your valuable time in mind. PFC members attend as many of the bi-annual meetings on campus as possible (one in the spring and one on Family weekend in the fall), do a few phone calls and/or write a few thank you notes each semester, and support the Parents Fund with a gift each year. All PFC members support the college with their time and talents.- There are many ways you can contribute your skills to the PFC and we appreciate all forms of volunteerism. Since your child is having a great experience at Beloit, you are in a wonderful position to tell Beloit’s story and inspire others to support Beloit.

See the first-hand experience of one PFC member here.

If you are interested in joining the PFC, please contact Mark Wold'98 at 608-363-2359 or