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The Beloit College 168th commencement will begin on Sunday, May 20 beginning at 12:00 p.m. CST due to a slight rain delay. The weather looks to be a bit chilly with a chance of rain, so please plan on bringing an umbrella. More information about the ceremony and full schedule of events is available on the commencement website. Also, for those unable to attend, we will live stream the ceremony at, and the recording will be made available via our YouTube channel after the event has ended. 

Congratulations to the Beloit College Class of 2018!

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  • Mike Phillips  (Director) 
  • LeeAnn Ryan (Office Manager/Building Coordinator) 
  • Wayne Perez (Purchasing and Inventory Coordinator)     


  • Bruce Hamilton (Maintenance Supervisor)
  • Shane Niman (Lead Maintenance)
  • Steve Foley
  • Rob Freed (Utility)
  • Rodney Hareid
  • Dan Holterman
  • Bruce McBride
  • Jon Palazzolo            
  • Steven Sutherland
  • Raymond Thomas
  • Vernon Tschudy
  • Stephen Williams 


  • Jean Redmond (Housekeeping Supervisor)
  • Ami Vance  (Lead Housekeeper) 
  • Maria Anaya
  • Camarina Barajas
  • Holly Becker
  • Dorlean Bell
  • Jenny Carlson
  • Jodi Castaneda
  • Maria Cervantes
  • Jaime Chambliss
  • Leona Chambliss
  • Jhasmin Davidson
  • Jennifer Fourtounis
  • Diana Inman
  • Patricia Lockhart  
  • Debra Najdowski 
  • Mary Lynn Phillips
  • Greg Pyles
  • Jose Robles
  • Erica Roecker
  • Susan Ryytty
  • Cathy Salinas
  • Martha Schoonover
  • Vicki Seichter
  • Paula Simms
  • Lori Story
  • Amber Vanasse
  • Pasquell Wisdom