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Event Planner Form

Facilities hours are Monday - Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm

Questions can be directed to LeeAnn Ryan at 363-2733.

Housekeeping and Maintenance services are available for your weekend events. Please check the Facilities web page Weekend Staff Services for more details.

Your cooperation and advance notice will be greatly appreciated.

Any damage or theft of Facilities equipment (i.e. tables, podiums, chairs etc.) will be charged to the responsible individual/department.

Any materials requested for student events must be authorized by Student Engagement and Leadership, Residential Life or Faculty Advisor.

Please note the starred areas are required. Only a Beloit College approved account number is acceptable as account number. If unsure of the account number to be used, please contact your advisor or accounting. Event Planner is not complete unless proper account number is provided at time of submission. 

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