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Finding and Reserving a Space

Before Reserving a Space

Event coordinators should first review the Campus Calendar to find preferred date(s) and time(s) for their event to take place. Coordinators are also encouraged to review Advice and Best Practices for events.

Details to Consider when Choosing a Space

Do you need a reservation?

In most cases, informal meetings or group chats to not need a reservation. There are many places on campus available for these kinds of meetings: study rooms in the library, group spaces in the library, DKs, Java Joint, Sanger Science Center study spaces, etc.

If you need a 'drop in' space to gather in, contact a room administrator for the building you would like to meet in and ask about the available options. You will find room administrator contact information on the Room Directory.

What type/size of space you need?

You can view a complete list of bookable spaces on the Room Directory. Each entry includes:

  • room capacity, furniture, and technology
  • notes about food, access, or specific booking requirements
  • name, email, and extension of room coordinator(s)
  • images of the space
  • recommendations of similar spaces

What technology do you need?

You may check-out equipment from Information Technology (IT) if you do not need a technician to attend your event. Computers with internet access, projectors, microphones and other equipment can be used in most rooms on campus.

Do you need space for food or beverages?

If you would like serve catering at your event, please make sure the space allows food and beverages. Please also be conscious of having enough space available to accommodate catering services.

Will you have access to the space?

Many spaces around campus are locked for security reasons. If you are requesting a room that no one in your group has keys for, please contact the Security Office via email ( to unlock/lock the space for you. Rooms are not unlocked by default when booked through this system.

Are you a student?

Students are only able to book space in Pearsons Hall and Commons. Students should ask their faculty/staff sponsor to book a space in other buildings for them. Sponsors should include in the description who they are reserving the space for by listing the student or club/organization name. 

Reserving a Space

For events organized by campus community members, reserving spaces is done through Google Calendar.

  1. To begin, log in to your Beloit College Gmail account.
  2. Google Apps GridIn the top right hand corner of your main email screen, click the grid of squares and then select "Calendar". A new tab will open showing your Google Calendar.
  3. In your calendar, create a new calendar event.
    • Click the "Create" button in the left sidebar.
    • Click the date/time in the calendar then click "Edit Event".
  4. Enter the event name, date, time and a description of the event. If your event needs time to set up or take down, include this needed time in the calendar event.
  5. In the right sidebar, click the "Rooms" option to list the spaces available for the time you selected.
  6. Click your preferred space in the list to add it to your event. The space should appear below the list as a participant and in the "Where" field.
    • If your preferred space is unavailable, you will need to choose another space or time for your event.
  7. When ready, click "Save" to send your request.

Approval of your Reservation

Room requests are not finalized until a room administrator accepts your request. You must follow up with room administrators by phone when making a request less than 48 hours before the event. Room administrator names and phone numbers are available on the Room Directory.

You will receive a confirmation email when an administrator accepts a request to reserve a space. Be sure to review the response and look for any notes that the administrator may have included.

Event Promotion on Campus Calendar

Once a room administrator has approved your request, you need to register your event to the Campus Calendar. Registered events are promoted on the Beloit News, in daily emails, and on campus digital signage.

Events which do not need promotion do not need to submit their event to the Campus Calendar. Some examples include: departmental meetings, committee or project meetings, candidate interviews, ensemble rehearsals, etc.