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Beloit as an Ecosystem

The Beloit as an Ecosystem project was created by the members of the Environment and Society (ENVS 250) classes at Beloit College during the fall semester of 2005 and spring semester 2008.

The 2005 class chose to characterize the land, water, and society that are Beloit during their studies of local environmental issues. The class researched the history of the Beloit area and explored the society in place today, determining what makes Beloit stand out among other small Midwestern cities. One of Beloit's most distinguishing characteristics is its identity as a "River City," which caused the class to investigate the Rock River Basin and to identify current problems and solutions in this watershed. The class also explored the community through a series of field trips to local environmentally-friendly businesses, learning about recycling and industry in a sustainable world.

Please join us in this exploration of Beloit, Wisconsin:

The 2008 class added information on a number of topics