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Getting Involved

Sustaining Beloit College Club

Email us if you're interested in working on these projects. We need you!

Sustaining Beloit College is a new student organization (est. Fall 2012), created with the primary goal of institutionalizing sustainable practices on the Beloit campus. With this in mind, it's important to note just how crucial sustainable project visibility is in actually promoting environmentally, economically and socially prudent practices. There are myriad projects that are waiting to be picked up and developed; all that's needed is an interested group of students/faculty/administrators that are passionate and committed. Below is an abbreviated list of projects that are on-going or have been proposed, so click the link above or email to learn about these opportunities and others. We'd love to hear from you!

Projects in Progress

Printing Limits


Campus Farm


Sustainability Media Campaign

Sustainability Forum for Students and Faculty

Real Food Commitment


Sustainable Landscaping and Non-Harmful Chemical Use

Chicken Coops on Campus


Expanding Greenhouse

Goats to Mow Campus Lawns

Food Waste Recycling at Commons