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Environmental Activism

Environmental activism is important to everyone on the Beloit campus; both the student body and the administration promote projects in environmental sustainability and, together, have built an infrastructure that encourages active students to develop their ideas and pursue funding. Resources on campus are innumerable: ranging, to name a few, from the highly engaged Environmental Studies department, to more specific programs and funding pools like the Sustainability Fellows summer experience and the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund.

This sub-site serves as a landing page for everything environmental activism here at Beloit. One of the greatest hurdles in continuing to promote the sustainability culture at Beloit surrounds the information gap that exists between the students and those that can actually employ the needed resources to see a project through to fruition. Listed at left are pages that aid in illuminating the idea of environmental activism at Beloit. Most important of these is the submit an idea link. Under this section, any student, faculty member or administrator is encouraged to submit an activism idea. Only after an idea has been submitted can the due diligence begin that is required, in many cases, to access the reserve of funds that is available to truly "sustainable" projects.

Past Projects

Students are encouraged to pursue sustainability projects through any avenue, but some of the most successful undertakings have come as a result of Pablo Toral's Global Political Ecology course -- visit this landing page for past project reports in the course to get some great ideas and see what others have implemented on campus.

Water & Food
- Take Back the Tap
- Efficient Shower Heads in TKE
- Real Food Calculator
- Fair Trade Coffee
- Student Cooperatives (3)

Energy & Transportation
- Energy Consumption Monitors
- New Insulation in Spanish House and Human Resources
- Car-Sharing Program
- Bike Cooperative and Repair Shop

Recycling, Paper & Waste
- Double-Sided Printing
- Face Your Waste
- Composting
- Tracking Waste in Commons