Writing Contests

DEADLINE: 3/6/2016



1     Lois and Willard Mackey ’45 Prize for Creative Writing

$1, 000 for the best creative writing by a Beloit College undergraduate


2     White-Howells English Prize

$50 for the best poem or group of poems

$50 for the best work of prose (fiction or drama)


3     Beloit Poetry Journal/Academy of American Poet   Award

$100 for the best poem or group of poems


4     Marion and David Stocking Prize

$50 for the best non-fiction prose


5     Margaret W. Baker Prize Scholarship

$500 scholarship for the best creative writing by a first-year student


6     Mary F. Hodge Prize

$50 for the best narrative poem based on a historical event


Any questions regarding the contests should be directed to Fran Abbate (abbatef@beloit.edu, ext.2029) or any instructor of creative writing.




For the White-Howells, Stocking, Hodge, and Academy of American Poets Awards:

1.       Eligibility: Any Beloit College student currently enrolled, including vacation and field terms.

2.       Deadline: Friday, March 6 @ noon to Crystal Watson (cwsubmissions@beloit.edu)

3.       Manuscript form: Neatly typed. One side of the page only. Prose should be double-spaced. No more than two stories may be submitted. If you submit a work to more than one contest, which is perfectly all right, you may submit copies. No more than five poems. (You may submit 1-5 poems to each contest; you may submit the same or different poems.)

4.       On a removable cover sheet, provide your name, current address, and the name of the contest. Your name should not appear anywhere on the poems.

5.       Multiple entries: You must have separate copies for each contest.

6.       Judges: Writer, literary critics, and/or faculty not teaching at Beloit; no entries returned.

 For the Mackey Prize:

1.       Eligibility: Same as for other contests.

2.       “Creative writing” is the defining element of the contest, but the term is not narrowly defined. Fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction are all acceptable categories for submission.

3.       Entries must be substantial. Entries in poetry should consist of five to ten poems; in fiction at least fifteen double-spaced pages (but no more than two stories); in drama at least twenty minutes time in performance.

4.       Manuscript form: Same as White-Howells above.

5.       Deadline: Same as other contests.

6.       Contest will be judged off campus by an established American author (to be named later), after an initial screening of manuscripts by Beloit College faculty.


For the Baker Scholarship:

1.       Eligibility: Any first-year student at Beloit College.

2.       Deadline: Same as above.

3.       Manuscript form: Same as White-Howells.

4.       Entries may be in any genre of creative writing, and should be substantial enough to demonstrate fully the student’s ability. Entries in poetry should consist of five to ten poems.

5.       The winner will be chosen by a writer not teaching at Beloit College.

6.       The award will be applied as a credit to the student’s Beloit College tuition.