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Praxis (Professional Skills Tests, PPST)


WHAT - Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST)
In an effort to provide the state with a quality teaching force, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction must assure that teachers demonstrate a minimum level of basic skills competency. The tests approved by the state superintendent for this purpose are the Pre-Professional Skills Tests or PPST in reading, writing and mathematics.

WHO MUST TAKE THE PRAXIS I? The Praxis I is required for admission to all professional education programs. The tests are usually taken during the first or second year of undergraduate work depending on the institution of higher education’s policies. At Beloit College, Praxis I should be taken and passed within the 1st year of declaring the major, and must be passed by spring prior to student teaching. 

WHERE ARE THE TESTS GIVEN? The Praxis I computer-based tests are offered by appointment through a national network of PrometricTM Testing Centers (many Prometric Testing Centers are located inside Sylvan Learning Centers) and selected institutional sites. Visit Computer-based Test Centers for the locations near you. Refer to the Praxis
Registration website for all information on paper and pencil PPST test centers and dates.


WHAT - Praxis II: Subject Assessments
All state approved professional education programs in Wisconsin require student assessments of content knowledge (in most license fields) that are determined by passing scores on the Praxis II : Subject Assessments as approved by the state superintendent.  Each Wisconsin professional education program establishes by policy when the tests must be completed within its education program sequence. At Beloit College, the appropriate Praxis II test(s) must passed in the early spring prior to student teaching.

WHO MUST TAKE THE PRAXIS II CONTENT TESTS? All students who complete a professional education program after August 31, 2004 must take the Praxis II: Subject Assessments required by Wisconsin for their license area in order to qualify for a state education license.

WHEN AND WHERE ARE THE PRAXIS TESTS GIVEN? The paper-based Praxis I: PPST Assessments and Praxis II : Subject Assessments are given in the same locations (colleges) around the state seven times per year.  As test centers are limited in seating, it is important to register early to insure you will be able to secure a spot.  Candidates minoring in the following areas who wish to be certified at the MC-EA level in those minors must take the corresponding Praxis II test: foreign language, English as a Second Language, health, or theatre.

Test dates, registration procedures, fees, and forms are listed on the Praxis website. You may register online or complete and mail in the Praxis Registration Form. ETS offers a multitude of test preparation materials you may purchase to enhance your performance on the tests. The ETS website also provides test descriptions and content, sample questions with answers, and test-taking strategies. The department has no involvement in the ETS assessment process itself and all questions of that nature should be directed to ETS.  The fees are the responsibility of the student.

The Praxis Series
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