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Student Teaching

Student Teaching (EDYS 302, 304, 310) is offered each fall for 1-3 units and includes a seminar and supervision/administration of student teaching. Track One and Track Two students enroll in 3 units of fall student teaching (equivalent of 18 weeks of student teaching) based on the calendar of the student teacher placement and participate in the student teaching seminar. Students who are completing overseas student teaching normally enroll in 1-2 units of student teaching in the fall and finish overseas. (Please be aware that Wisconsin licensure requires that students complete one full and continuous semester of student teaching.)

Teaching Outside of Beloit

Students wishing to student teach farther than 30 miles from Beloit must petition the Department for permission. This petition should include a clear statement of the benefits to be gained from this placement, in terms of potential for

  • working with diverse populations,
  • learning about, and practicing, pluralistic approaches to pedagogy and curriculum,
  • teaching in distinctive schools with distinctive cooperating teachers and pupils, or
  • community involvement.

Approved student teaching placements outside the Beloit-Janesville-Rockford area will be subject to an additional fee to defray transportation costs for supervision, which will be billed to the student’s Beloit College account. Placements are made in consultation with the student, and we try to consider the students’ needs, strengths and future plans.

Spring and Summer Semesters

Student teaching may take place in the spring/summer semesters with departmental approval, and only under the following conditions:

Overseas Student Teaching

Whenever possible Beloit College faculty will visit all overseas student teaching placements, at no additional expense to the student. In most cases, overseas student teaching placements will be made through the University of Minnesota, Morris Global Student Teach Program ( Students must complete at least one unit of student teaching, with seminar on campus, before beginning overseas student teaching.

Completion of Multiple Certifications

(Art/Foreign Language + MC/EA, e.g.) Supervision of up to 9 weeks of student teaching, at an additional fee, may be available and provided by Beloit College faculty/staff to students who have completed one of their certifications in the previous fall semester.

Domestic Student Teaching

Students may contract with an accredited teacher education program in another location for supervision/administration of student teaching. Students are responsible for all costs of supervision. Visits to domestic student teaching placements by Beloit College faculty will be at the discretion of the Department. Normally students must complete at least one unit of student teaching, with seminar, on campus before beginning off-campus student teaching with non-Beloit College supervision.

Student Teaching Forms

Below are a series of forms and resources that are valued by student teachers. At the beginning of the semester prior to your student teaching semester, All students are responsible to doing a degree audit with the registrars office as well as making sure they have completed all of the requirements on the Track 1&2 Steps to Certification Checklist.