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Student Opportunities

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Student Opportunities in the Department of Economics & Management

Listed below are student opportunities specific to the Department of Economics and Management, Student Awards from the Department of Economics and Management and All-College Opportunities particularly appropriate for majors in our department.

The Network

One of the principal advantages of attending a small liberal arts college is that alumni are often very supportive of the college and willing to help students from their alma mater. Beloit College alumni are especially helpful. The Department has developed over the years a rich "network" of alumni who actively provide assistance to our majors. This informal network convenes as a formal Network each February at Econ Day in Chicago.

Econ Day

Formally called the Annual Alumni Economics Reunion,' Econ Day has begun at 7:00 am at the corner of Emerson and College Streets for more than twenty years. Forty junior and senior economics majors board a bus, along with their professors, to journey to Chicago to meet alumni and to consider life after Beloit All junior and senior majors are invited to this all day briefing given by distinguished alumni who provide information on: getting your first job, career paths, the value of graduate school, and specific information on occupations and companies. The trips focus on particular segments of the economy each year. We are on a three year cycle of exploring, in turn, the financial industry, self employment and family business, and manufacturing. The alumni who participate in these events are unfailingly generous with their time and advice. You can, in the course of a day, ask practical questions ranging from how to get an interview to what it is like to be a company president?

This event normally takes place during the first two to four weeks of the winter term. You will be notified in December about the details.

Belmark Associates

Belmark Associates is a student-managed market research organization formed in 1985 by three students with an interest in market research and who served as the firm's first senior managers. Since the founding of Belmark Associates, its senior managers have consistently landed premier entry-level positions upon graduation, followed by continuing success as managers and entrepreneurs. Each year the graduating senior managers select their successors from those students who have been involved with Belmark as interviewers, data entry personnel or specific project managers.

The firm does research for clients for a fee. The firm helps the client to define the research question, designs an appropriate methodology for gathering data, prices the service, hires workers, executes the research program, analyses the data, writes a report, and gives a presentation of the final report to the client.

Belmark clients have included: First National Bank of Beloit, M&I Bank of Beloit, Private Industry Council of Rock County, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, City of Beloit, Beloit Convention and Visitors Bureau, Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce, Beloit Economic Development Corporation, Fannie May Candy Company, several Beloit area automobile dealers, and Beloit College.

Belmark has an office in the basement of Campbell Hall. Find out more about this opportunity by talking with the current senior managers or with their faculty advisor, Professor Adams.

"Belmark Associates gave me an excellent opportunity to put my education and knowledge to use and was integral in obtaining my job after graduation." Mandy Koch'99

Entrepreneurship at CELEB

No other college offers entrepreneurial mentoring rivaling what is available at Beloit College. Many successful entrepreneurs got their first business experience at Belmark Associates (see above) under the tutelage of Professor Jeff Adams. Professor Jerry Gustafson, the Coleman Foundation Professor of Entrepreneurship, has nurtured budding entrepreneurs in his Entrepreneur Workshop, an innovative course copied by other institutions around the country, and through extensive personal mentoring. In 2004 Prof. Gustafson raised this mentoring to a higher level through the creation of CELEB – the Center for Entrepreneurship & Liberal Education at Beloit, a one-of-the-kind facility for student entrepreneurs. Housed on East Grand Avenue across from the Beloit College Bookstore, CELEB houses Beloit Cable Access Television, Maple Tree Recording Studios, the Meyers ABBA Gallery, the What is Social Excellence (WISE) Foundation, and the Coleman New Ventures Lab, which hosts multiple student businesses.

Internships and Summer Jobs

The department believes strongly in the value of non classroom learning experiences. There are many opportunities available for professional exploration and other experiences which are not academic in nature. We encourage you to think systematically about the type of non classroom experience you want and then talk with all members of the department about how to accomplish your objectives.

As part of the Miller Upton Programs, the department has two special internship awards to help highly qualified students from the department on their internships: The Belmark Alumni Intern Award. established by Belmark alumni to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Belmark Associates and the Jed Rhoads Award.

Summer employment should, if at all possible, be used for professional exploration. Try to reserve the summer between your junior and senior year for an "internship" rather than a summer job. You should also plan your academic schedule to accommodate an internship in your senior year. The Liberal Arts in Practice Center  has an extensive list of internship possibilities to choose from and you should begin to explore the possibilities in your junior year.

The department policy on academic credit for internship is that academic credit should be awarded for academic work. It is difficult to receive academic credit for an internship, unless it involves research clearly identified as the student's or other tangible evidence which can be evaluated in equivalent terms to normal course work.

Kemper Computer Lab & Kemper Lab Aides

We think our computer lab, the Kemper Computer Lab on the first floor of Campbell Hall, is the most user-friendly work space on campus, and you will get to know this facility very well during your passage through our department. Several of our computer-intensive classes meet in the lab. When classes are not meeting in the lab, it is available for student use during the school day, in the evenings and on the weekends. The lab has twenty computers, a high-speed network printer and a projector with sound system. The Kemper Foundation funded the initial development of the lab, and Andy Davis, former Chairman of the Beloit College Board of Trustees, has also provided continuing support.

Lab aides staff the Kemper computer Lab on evenings from Sunday through Thursday and Sunday afternoon. Lab aides have or develop expertise in the general use of computers and  software packages, including Microsoft Office and Minitab. If you would like to be considered for employment contact Jennifer Kodl.

Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant

From time to time a member of the faculty will need a student to help with a research project or with a course. The compensation can be in the form of either money (at the normal low rate of pay) or academic credit. If you excelled at a particular course and wish to practice/explore the topic further, ask about being a teaching assistant for the course.

Washington Economic Semester

Each year Beloit college students can apply for off campus study programs. The best known programs are the overseas ones, but there are a limited number of domestic opportunities as well. Most of the programs are linked to a particular major and the Washington Economic Semester is one that our department has "rights" to.

We can send one student each term to Washington D.C. While in the Capital you will take a few courses at American University, including a seminar where well known policy makers will make guest appearances. You will also do an internship in a government agency or in a private firm, usually a firm that does consulting with the government.

The program is competitive. You will have to compete with students in the department and with students applying to other domestic study programs since the college has a quota on the number of total slots available each year. Applications for early decision are due in November and a second round of applications are due in February. You can apply for either the fall or spring term but this means that you have to do lots of early planning and preparation.

Bob Elder is the Departmental representative for this program.

All-College Opportunities

Duffy Community Partnerships

Many majors in Economics and Management intern in local firms during the school year through the Duffy Community Partnerships. Past internship locations included Fairbanks Morse Engine, Hendricks Development Group, and Marshall and Isley Bank. Contact Carol Wickersham (

McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program provides a comprehensive Ph.D. preparatory program for first generation, low-income and underrepresented students that includes research, advising, a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Camp, workshops, graduate school visits and other scholarly activities. See the McNair Scholars website for eligibity requirements.

Sanger Summer Research Fellows

The Sanger Summer Research Fellows program is an eight-week summer program open to returning students in all disciplines. Students work collaboratively with a faculty mentor on an original research project in their interest area and participate in weekly seminars. At the conclusion of the program, the research fellows present their project in a formal paper at the summer symposium. Students will receive a stipend, funds for research, and room and board on campus during the program .

Study Abroad Programs

Beloit College has numerous international exchange programs in all parts of the world, and we encourage all students to spend a semester overseas. Majors in our department will benefit from any of the programs, but the exchange programs to the following nations have special economic components and are primarily taught in English: Turkey, Hong Kong, and Morocco. Visit the Office of International Education for more information on overseas study.

Undergraduate Research Symposium & International Symposium

Each semester the college sponsors an all day Symposium at which Beloit College students share their research with the rest of the community. The fall International Symposium focuses on research or experiences with an international theme. Spring Symposium topics encompass any academic research project. If you have conducted a significant piece of research that you would like to present to a wider audience, please talk with a member of the faculty about sponsoring your presentation.

Department Awards

Albert R. Topps Award

Established in 1966 by family members in memory of Albert Topps, father of two alumni. Awarded to senior majors in the department of Economics and Management. The award is based on having an outstanding academic record.

Wall Street Journal Award

Established by Dow Jones and Company to recognize excellence in the study of economics and business. Awarded to a senior major in the department of Economics and Management. The award is base on having an outstanding academic record.

Thomas N. Mathers Award

Established by 1985 by members of the Department of Economics and Management in honor of Thomas N. Mathers, Beloit College trustee from 1970 to 1983 (and life trustee) and founder of Mathers and Company, a Chicago investment management firm. Awarded to outstanding senior economic and management major(s).

Lewis Severson Prize in Economics

Established in 1986 by Fillmore Thomas, class of 1936,in honor of Professor Severson a member of the Beloit faculty from 1927-1960. Awarded to an outstanding major in the department of economics and management who best combines academic excellence with service toward the mission of the department.

McAllister Prize in Economics

Established in 1985 by a generous gift from Elaine and Les McAllister. Professor McAllister was a member of the Beloit faculty from 1953 to 1991. Awarded to a junior major(s) in the Department of Economics and Management who best combines academic achievement, community contribution and financial need. Recipient is selected by the members of the economics department, upon consultation with the vice president for enrollment services.

The John Hughes Student Entrepreneur of the Year

This annual cash award, established by the Department of Economics and Management in 1998, recognizes the student(s) who best implements a new business venture or who otherwise best exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship as it may be applied in academe. The honor is named for John E. Hughes, CEO of the Coleman Foundation, whose unflagging aid and support led Beloit College to recognize the importance of self-employment education in the liberal arts tradition.