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Community Partners

Spring 2016 Partnerships

Community Partner Student Partner Supervisor Literature Review/Project Proposal
Angelic Organics Lauren Strug '15 Liz Whitehurst Deb Crockett "Defining Food Justice"
Beloit Health System Heather Gustat '16 Larry Bergen "Determining Best Plan of Care in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease"
Caritas Alex Boyd '15 Donna Ambrose, Exec. Director "Working with Caritas and the Food Recovery Network: Waste Reduction and Hunger"
CASA Lauren Bagley '16 Kimberly Churchill, Director "Child and CASA Volunteer Interactions"
PREP: Community Action, Inc. Will McAneny '15 Marc Perry "Using Results from Pre- and Post-Session Quizes to Identify Strategies for Teaching PREP Curriculum"
Fresh Start: Community Action, Inc. Julia Roche '15

Lynn Jones

Jen Oas

"Beloit YouthBuild and Fresh Start Leadership Development Plan"
Council on Aging Maggie Cress '15 Joyce Lubben "Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Implications for Regional Policy and Equity"
Chamber of Commerce Zoe Kent '15 Tim Dutter "The Role of Self-Esteem and Gender in Comparisons at the Workplace"
Headstart Ashley Belke '15 Carrie Colvin "Learning How to Be an Effective Teacher: Reflections on being an Aid in a Headstart Classroom"
Hendrick's Development Group Harley Liu '15 "School Quality as a Predictor of Housing Prices"
Kerry Americas Conor Fogarty '16 Tim Shaw "How Does Gentrification Affect Crime?"
Merrill Gardens: Community Action, Inc. John Ramstad
Neighborhood Housing Services Tala Cornell '16 Scott Reichard "A Cost/Benefit Analysis of NeighborWorks Blackhawk Region's DBA Change in Relation to Three NeighborWorks Affiliates"
North Pointe Karen Jones '15 Larry Bergen "Defining Quality of Care: A Review of the Literature"
SARP, Family Services of Southern WI Rebecca Kilcoyne '16 Anna Grzelak, Director
Stateline Literacy Council Angelica Estevez '17 Barbara Peterson "Computer Classes at Stateline Literacy Council"
Todd Reading Club

Hope Doucet '15


 Griffin Salisbury '16

Mary Ellen Fuentes, Director of After School Programing

"The Role of Social Comparison in Elementary School-Aged Children: A Literature Review"

"Positive Reinforcement and Social Learning Theory in the Classroom"

Welty Environmental Center Jubie Gruenhagen '15 Lena Verkuilen "Virtual Reality as a Means to Stimulate Environmental Consciousness"


Past Partnerships by Area of Interest

Community Organizing


Economics/Management/Business Admin.

Health and Society

Sciences and Bio/Chemistry