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Applications for Fall '16 due April 7 @ 4pm

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Boots Riley

-Come to the 2016 Duffy Colloquium "Hip-Hop and Class Struggle" with Boots Riley. A performance/lecture about music, class consciousness, community work, and the future of progressive political movements in the United States.  

-Duffy Researchers Publish Article:"Pivot Points: Direct Measures of Community-Based Learning" The January 2016 issue of Teaching Sociology, a publication of the American Sociological Association has published an article drawing on a content analysis of 12 years of Duffy students' field notes. Carol Wickersham and Charles Westerberg partnered with student researchers, Karen Jones and Maggie Cress to research the question what and how students learn from community-based pedagogy. Student Nora Polanski, Professor Kate Linnenberg as well as others are joining the team to expand the database and continue the inquiry, all to the end of developing best practices for increasing student learning.

-Read the  'Time Travelers: The Commute from Campus to Community' based on the Duffy Partnerships, published in the American Sociological Society newsletter.

-Check out the Beloit College Duffy Facebook Page, where Duffy Alumns/ current Duffy students can connect and share their experiences.

This is a hands-on, heads-engaged educational experience.

The Duffy Partnerships is an academically rigorous, community-based sociology course which gives students both a macro and micro understanding of how institutions interact within society. The overarching question of the course is "What makes a good society?" Interdisciplinary perspectives are incorporated and students from across the disciplines are invited to apply. 


Roll Up

Approximately 16 students a semester are selected and placed at field sites to work with and learn from community leaders in business, government, social services, education, health care and agriculture.  They learn by doing, gaining  an overview of the organization's culture, goals, structure, resources, and strategies, as they focus on a specific project within the organization. In addition, during the weekly seminar taught by Sociology Instructor and Director, Carol Wickersham, they engage in academic analysis about community and professional dynamics.

Students may deepen their Duffy experience by continuing for a second semester.  In addition,each summer two to three students are invited to build on their course work by engaging in an eight-week stipended research project.

One of the highlights of the Duffy year is the annual Colloquium held each spring where community members, faculty and students gather for a festive dinner and presentation by a nationally known academic or community leader about current dynamics in community-based work and learning.

Now in its 11th year, the accomplishments of the Duffy alumni and the contributions they have made to the well-being of the community are a testament to the vision of alumnus, James E. Duffy '49 who continues to guide and generously support the program.2011 Duffies


Fall semester '16 application due April 7 @ 4pm

Carol Wickersham
Partnerships Coordinator
Beloit College, Sociology Dept.

Director of Community-Based Learning
The Liberal Arts in Practice Center
700 College St. Beloit, WI 53511
(608) 363-2023