To read about Beloit’s Spring 2021 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.


  • Due to COVID-19 and shifts in the 2020-21 academic calendar, the Duffy Program will be offered during the second module in the fall beginning Oct. 29. The Spring Semester class will run from January 14 through April 27.
  • Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Second through fourth year students in any discipline are eligible for the course. There are no prerequisites. 
  • Interested students should email Carol Wickersham at stating why they are interested in the course and what experience they bring to bear. 


Fall ’20, Module 2 only (1 unit, 7 weeks, twice a week seminar)

  • October 15, First Day of Class
  • November 10-13, Registration for Spring Semester (by permission of instructor).  
  • December 8, Last Day to Complete Hours at Field Sites. 

Spring ’21 Semester, (1 Unit, 14 weeks, once a week seminar)

  • January 14, Classes begin
  • March 30-April 2, Registration for Fall Semester (by permission of instructor).
  • April 27, Last Day to Complete Hours at Field sites 

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