Duffy Partnerships

“What makes a good society?” is the guiding question of the Beloit College Duffy Community Partnerships.

“Hands-on!  Heads-engaged!” is our motto, as students combine experiential and classroom learning. 

This sociology elective (Sociology 285) is open to second, third and fourth year students in all disciplines. Field sites include business, education, health care, government and social service organizations.

The Duffy Partnerships give the students both a macro and micro understanding of how institutions interact within society. At each site students learn from community leaders about the culture, goals, structure, resources and strategies available, and then they focus on a specific project within the organization. All the while they are practicing civic engagement and developing professional competencies.  During the weekly seminar they broaden their focus to examine how the various institutions intersect and interact, considering ethics, economics and more.

Duffy Program Hiatus

The Duffy Seminar / Sociology 285 will not be offered during Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 semesters, and will return in Fall 2024. Those looking for a community-based course, please contact Sylvia López (lopezs@beloit.edu).

Jim Duffy '49
Duffy Partnerships News

Do the Duffy! A Legacy Becomes a Verb

In this interview, Jim Duffy ’49 traces how Beloit College prepared him to seize the moment in the earliest days of T.V. broadcasting and, over the next 50 years, shape the heyday of the industry.

His support for Duffy Community Partnerships has equipped hundreds of students to do the same–this is why students talk about “Doing the Duffy”. In this interview he reflects on campus capers, an award-winning career and the investment he has made in future leadership through his support of his alma mater.
Duffy student Uzma Sayed

Observing Help and Hope During a Pandemic

When field experiences ended suddenly, students continued to learn from the world around them, wherever they were, by observing social reactions to COVID-19.

Erika Weiss Moczulewski receives the Young Alumnae award, 2019.

Three Duffy Alums are VIPs at 2019 Commencement and Reunion

“What makes a good society?” is the guiding question of the Beloit College Duffy Community Partnerships.  Three Duffy alums, Ruth Hamilton’07, Erika Weiss Moczulewski’09, and Mauricio Sosa Cardenas’19 give compelling…


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