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Obtaining Accommodations

Accommodations are determined on an individual, case-by-case basis and are only available to students whose disability has a relevant impact.  Accommodations are meant to provide students with disabilities equal access to their Beloit College education.  Accommodations are not to fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the College‚Äôs programs, services, or activities.


1.  Must self-identify to the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office. 

2.  Are to meet with the Director. During the initial appointments, accommodations, philosophy, policies and procedures will be discussed. Students seeking accommodations are to contact the Director as soon as they are certain that they are coming to Beloit College. Accommodations are not retroactive and certain accommodations may take time to organize. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide the warranted accommodations, but limited advance notice may prevent them from being implemented immediately.

3.  Are to provide additional information or documentation when requested and follow policies and procedures.

4.  Are to deliver Accommodation Verification Letters from the Director to faculty member(s) and discuss the letter with each faculty member in order to arrange classroom accommodations. Students have the right to decide whether or not they will request accommodation(s) in each course, each semester.

5.  Are to confirm the adequacy of accommodations as soon as possible and, after discussing with the appropriate faculty member, notify the Director when satisfactory conditions are not present.