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The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office operates to fulfill the following disability - related goals (additional general goals for the Office are found here):

  1. Provide services and resources for all students in an educational manner recognizing the rights and responsibilities of students as adults.
  2. Provide equal access to a Beloit College education for students with disabilities by facilitating appropriate accommodations.
  3. Assist students with disabilities as well as other new students with the transition from high school, home-school, or other institutions to Beloit College.
  4. Educate the campus regarding disability related laws, issues, and concerns.
  5. Collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to develop and implement student disability services as well as academic enrichment opportunities for all students.
  6. Teach, counsel and advise students to use resources, improve learning strategies, and realize their full academic potential.
  7. Conduct frequent evaluations and reviews of the services of this Office.