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Student Disability Services

Beloit College is committed to creating and sustaining a successful community of inclusive excellence as we prepare students to live, learn, and work among people who experience the world in fundamentally different ways.  Within this framework, the College is committed to providing a supportive environment for students with disabilities as well as to complying with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Students with disabilities who seek accommodations are to contact Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS), demonstrate self-advocacy, and responsibly engage in their learning.

Prospective students and/or parents are encouraged to contact the Director to discuss student disability services. With advance notice, the Director is usually available to meet with those visiting campus.

Current students who have a disability or want to discuss possible options are encouraged to call or come by second floor Pearsons to make an appointment.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to read through their section on this website, attend professional development sessions related to disability/access/equity and apply universal design learning concepts in their own area or class. 

Other constituencies of the College (e.g. employees, visitors, alumni, community members) that have disabilities are served by other offices. 

The ADA/504 Coordinator of the College is Lori Rhead, Vice President for Human Resources and Operations, 608-363-2631,

2016-2017 Self-Study/External Review Outcomes

We heard you!

Dear Beloit College students, faculty, staff, and families,

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Beloit College underwent a comprehensive self-study and external review to determine ways we can improve the student experience for our students with disabilities.  This summer has been spent implementing many of the suggestions we heard from our community members and external reviewers.  Here are some exciting changes you will be seeing this upcoming year:

  1. Advancements to physical accessibility of the campus:
    • CELEB: The CELEB renovation includes adding an elevator.
    • Wright Art Museum: Driveway/Walkway repaving between the Neese Theater and the Wright Art building with a new sidewalk leading to the accessible entrance of the Wright.  The Wright annex entrance will have powered operators (ID card access) added to the entrance and the door leading to the elevator.  Work for this project is scheduled to be completed by fall break. 
    • Campus sidewalks: sidewalks and curbs will be replaced near the entrance to the 64 Hall patio located between Whitney Hall and Blaisdell Hall.
    • Minor accessibility changes will be made gradually such as replacing door knobs with accessible door handles and improving signage.  Employees in inaccessible locations are adding taglines letting students know what to do if the inaccessibility is a problem.
  2. Changed exam administration protocol and location.  LEADS (Learning Enrichment and Disability Services) partnered with the library staff to provide students a consistent, accessible space for students with disabilities who need accommodations for exam taking that faculty are unable to provide. 
  3. Increased professional development for faculty and staff on how best to accommodate and manage the needs of students with disabilities. 
    • Beloit College’s annual fall faculty conference will focus on the topic of excellence in teaching and learning for students with disabilities. 
    • We are pursuing a grant opportunity for faculty to learn more about universal design in the classroom.  A college committee is being formed to begin work in this area this term; Professor Chuck Lewis is leading this effort.
  4. Collaboration among Student Excellence and Leadership (SEL), LEADS, Student Financial Services, and Institutional Research and Planning resulted in a creative strategy to provide SEL targeted lists of grant eligible students while protecting students’ privacy.
  5. Strengthen LEADS support of students with disabilities.  The two full-time staff positions in the LEADS office have been adjusted to further prioritize accommodations and services to our students with disabilities. 
  6. Efforts are being made to explore other campus partners who can adjust workloads to assist in supporting students with disabilities.
  7. The web site is being re-worked with additions that will better inform all on processes and procedures around various accommodations and other disability-related areas.

A special thanks to all of you who contributed to our assessment this past year. Here’s to the future of strengthening our students with disabilities’ Beloit College experience!