Community Content

Members of the campus community can submit content to be included on digital signage.

Digital Signage - Examples of Posters

This content generally takes the form of “posters” promoting events, clubs, or opportunities, such as the examples given above. These posters may either be made by the submitter, or else made from a template in the signage system.

Making your own poster

  • Gives full creative control and flexibility with the presentation.
  • If planning to also print posters, can make one design for both signage and print.
  • Requires following best practices to be readable and understandable.

Using a signage template

  • Ideal for minimal text and a single image.
  • Does not require creative work or making your own design.
  • Avoids most concerns with best practices aside from using concise and understandable language.

Expectations for signage content

Requirements are somewhat relaxed during the remainder of the Spring 2023 semester as details continue to be worked out and to accommodate posters submitted to the Powerhouse before the transition.

A complete list of expectations for signage content may be found in the Digital Signage Policy.

Content design

Viewers may see signage at long distances or from smaller screens, so the primary requirement for signage content is for it to be easily readable and understandable

  • Use the full landscape orientation of the signage screens (1920px wide by 1080px tall) when possible. Content in a portrait orientation may be paired together.
  • Write text to be short and to the point. Make text as large as possible with high contrast with its background.
  • Keep colors, graphics, and visual elements simple where possible. Scannable elements like QR codes should be as large as possible. Avoid overlapping text and graphics.

Submitted content that does not meet this requirement may be sent back for revisions or will be converted to use a signage template instead.

Content duration

The other significant requirement for signage content is to be current and relevant

  • In general, individual content items may only appear on signage for one month at most, and each item may remain on signage while it is still relevant.
  • Each content item should be scheduled to appear for at least one week.
  • Event content items may only appear on signage one month before the event(s) take place. Event items should be added to the campus calendar first, where possible.
  • Signage managers may elect to make exceptions or use stricter limits, depending on circumstances. For instance, if there are many items to show in a given period, each item may be limited to a duration of two weeks.

Submitting content

For the moment, to be considered for all-campus signage, please email Nick Mischler ( one of the following:

  • An image or PDF file of already-made content.
  • The details of what you would like promoted, ideally with an image, to be worked into a signage template.

In the future, there will most likely be a standardized form for submissions. Please check back to this page whenever you wish to make a submission should the process be updated.

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