Building Signage

Screens can display content for a building or space in addition to all-campus signage content.

Faculty and staff can be given access to include additional content on the screen(s) in their building or space. These cooperative screens show the building-specific content in rotation with all-campus content.

Building signage content can be used:

  • To provide information specific to the building or space, including hours, services, and directories.
  • To promote information specific to the space’s audiences, such as an event just for a department’s majors or announcement for building visitors.

Accessing a screen already in your space

Faculty or staff with a screen already in their space should contact signage staff to arrange access and an introductory training session. Expectations and best practices will be covered during that session. 

Adding more screens across campus

Current efforts are focused on establishing digital signage in places where signage already existed or existed previously. There is interest to expand to other high-traffic spaces on campus, but there is currently no exact plan or timeline.

If you have a space that you think may work well for digital signage, please submit the suggestion form on the contact page. When doing so, please explain why you believe the space would be a good choice and, if you are an employee in that space, what kinds of building content you would consider including.

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