All-Campus Signage

All public screens on campus all share the same set of common content for the campus community.

All-campus signage content is managed by staff in the Communications & Marketing office. All public screens will show the following content.


Example of weather signage content. Weather information for Beloit, Wisconsin is shown in each loop, including 3-day and hourly forecasts.

Only basic forecast information is given. Signage should not be relied on for weather-related warnings or emergencies.

Events List

Example of Signage Event List A list of immediately upcoming events on the website’s Campus Event Calendar is shown in each loop.

Any events which have been added to the website and set to “Live” can appear in this list.

Some exceptions:

  • Repeating events are limited to only their most recent upcoming instance.
  • Multi-day events (exhibits, “weeks”, “months”, etc.) all share the first slot, with one being shown at random when the screen is loaded.
  • Events which are set as “cancelled” are excluded.


Signage Poster Example: Aardvark Zoo Additional content from the college or campus community is shown in each loop. This content may promote events, clubs, stories, and opportunities.

community content

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