Digital Signage

Helping keep campus aware of current events, deadlines, weather, and more.

Update to Digital Signage

In a collaboration between Communications & Marketing and Information Technology, the former digital signage system has been replaced and has adopted the signage in the Powerhouse. The new system is easier to manage and provides the campus community greater opportunities to communicate with itself.

An array of potential items that can appear on campus digital signage, including welcomes, weather, images, events, and video.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a series of screens in a space or many spaces that display a dynamic set of content. It is similar to poster boards, but with the ability to update automatically with current information or take down content when it needs to be taken down.

More practically, digital signage provides the college and the campus community the opportunity to communicate with its internal audiences in highly trafficked locations.

Location of Screens

Public Screens

  1. Chapin Hall – Commons Entrance
  2. Hendricks Center – East Entrance
  3. Pearsons Hall – Mail Center
  4. Pearsons Hall – Main Dining Room
  5. Powerhouse – Weissberg Auditorium Entry
  6. Powerhouse – Carson Club Hub (East)
  7. Powerhouse – Carson Club Hub (West)
  8. Sanger Center for the Sciences - Atrium Kiosk
  9. Sports Center – Concession Stand

Other Screens

Digital signage is also used in certain spaces to show specific content. The primary example is Admissions in Middle College where screens show names of guests as well as promotional videos rather than the general content.

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