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Major in Dance

Resistance, ResilienceDance is a universal human activity. The desire to communicate through movement arises from the innate capacities and impulses to move, express, organize, relate, and communicate. At Beloit College, students experience movement in a supportive and enjoyable environment where the objective is dance literacy, intelligent dancers, and sensitive viewers. Dance faculty and staff are committed to educating the whole person, to developing not only a dance practitioner possessing artistic capabilities and understanding, but a well-rounded human being.  

The Program

Dance courses for students at every level of ability and experience are offered each semester through the theatre arts department emphasizing a fundamental connection to the broad liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

The Major/Minor

Students can elect to major or minor in theatre arts with a concentration in dance. The dance track offers intensive study of core dance techniques, intellectual and aesthetic understanding of dance, and production opportunities. The program prepares students for continued study of dance and related activities such as graduate school, professional training, teaching, and appreciation.

Departmental requirements allow each student to bring together major course work with courses in supporting fields in a manner that best suits each individual's needs and desires. Many dance track majors have majors or minors in other fields, such as anthropology, art, critical identity studies, history, pre-medicine, and psychology. Close personal advising and individualized teaching are essential to this student-centered process.

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