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Transgender Resources

Here at Beloit College, we are working towards creating a more inclusive campus for everyone. The following resources were researched and compiled by CRIS students in an effort to increase a sense of belonging and wellness for all students, staff, and faculty.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Gender Neutral Restrooms on Beloit College Campus
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  • 1. Middle College- Administration Building (Admissions Office) - 2nd floor
  • 6. Wright Museum of Art - 2 on the first floor
  • 9. Pearsons Hall - 2 in the basement by Java Joint
  • 10. Mayer Hall (Wilson Theatre) - 2 on the third floor
  • 11. Sanger Center for the Sciences - 2nd floor
  • 12. Campbell Hall - 2 on the first floor
  • 13. Eaton Chapel - 2 on the first floor
  • 15. Office of International Education
  • 16. Morse Library - 2nd floor
  • 17. Morse-Ingersoll Hall (Richardson Auditorium) - 1 in the basement, 1 on the 2nd floor
  • 28. Liberal Arts in Practice Center (LAPC)
  • 29. 815 College Street (student residence) - 2nd floor
  • 33. Coughy Haus (C Haus)- All bathrooms
  • 35. Porter Hall  (Health Center) - health center
  • 37. Blaisdell Hall (student residence)- 3rd West
  • 40. Aldrich Hall (student residence) - ground floor
  • 42. Chapin Hall/Commons -2 on main floor
  • 44. Emerson Hall (student residence)
  • 45. SAGA House (student residence)
  • 48. Feminist Collective
  • 49. Human Resources
  • 50. 819 Clary Street (residence)
  • 51. Strong Stadium, playing fields, tennis courts
  • 59. Communications and Marketing Office - 1st and 2nd floor
  • 63. Development and Alumni Relations
  • 64. Development and Alumni Relations
  • 67. Writing Center and Summer Programs - 1st floor
  • 70. Moore Hall (student residence) - 1 on the first floor of the right wing
  • 71. Buffalo House/Emeritus Faculty Offices
  • 74. 821-3 Church Street
  • 75. CELEB-Center for Entrepreneurship, Gallery ABBA, Public Access Television
  • 80. Development and Alumni Relations
  • 82. Hendricks Center - 2 near dressing rooms

There are additional gender neutral bathrooms in special interest houses, but they are subject to variation.

Professors and Administrators

Need to talk? The following faculty and administrators are willing to take the time to speak with you, and offer additional support. Just send them an email.

  • Catherine Orr
    Professor and Chair of Critical Identity Studies
    Office Location: MI 205
  • Cecil Youngblood
    Asst. Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator
    Office Location: 2nd Floor of Pearsons
  • Tara Girard
    Director of the Health and Wellness Center
    Office Location: 1st Floor of Porter

On-Campus Groups

  • Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is an on campus club dedicated to LGBT+ students and their support as well as providing education on related topics. The club meets weekly during the semester and resides at 818 Church St. The club can be contacted at
  • The Trans Task Force, a subsidiary of SAGA, is a group of trans students and their supporter who work to make institutional change at Beloit College. The group meets in SAGA House, 818 Church St.

Health Center

Location: 700 College St., Beloit, WI 53511, Porter Hall First Floor
Phone Number: 608-363-2331

  • The health center allows you to use your preferred name and gender pronouns on their forms and paperwork.
  • Unlimited and private counseling is available to all current students, just call and make an appointment.
  • While the health center does not provide hormones or other transition medications, they can assist you in taking the correct dosages and dealing with side effects.
  • The health center can also refer you to off campus resources, in order to better meet your needs.

Beloit College Preferred Name Policy

To encourage a more open and welcoming campus community environment, Beloit College has established a policy whereby any community member has the option to use a "preferred" first and/or middle name on campus wherever possible. We strive to have this name appear wherever a legal name is not necessary.

More information about the preferred name policy and the request form can be found on the Registrar's website.

Gender Neutral Housing

If you are a student in need of gender neutral housing, please contact Residential Life at or 608-363-2350.

Gender neutral floors and housing as of 2016

  • 815 2nd Floor
  • Aldrich Ground
  • Blaisdell 3rd West
  • Emerson Hall
  • Special Interest Housing

External Resources

If you are having a psychiatric emergency, please call campus security at (608)-363-2355 (BELL). If there is need to call 911, campus security will call for you and ensure dispatch knows exactly where to send help.

  • Trevor Project: (866)-488-7386
  • Trans Lifeline: (877)-565-8860
  • Howard Brown Institute: (773)-388-1600
    4025 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, IL 60613