Critical Identity Studies: Critical Identity Studies - Events for Fall 2014: "Rethinking Masculinity"

Critical Identity Studies - Events for Fall 2014: "Rethinking Masculinity"


Maya B.




Thursday, October 9th at 7:10pm  "Afraid of Dark: A Documentary Film by Mya B." - Film showing and Talk Back -  in Richardson Auditorium

“Why is everyone so afraid of black men?”  In her new documentary, “Afraid of Dark”, filmmaker Mya B. attempts to answer this question.  We see how racism uses black on black crime and other unfortunate occurrences in black communities as justification for attacks on black males by police and citizen vigilantes alike.The documentary challenges stereotypes, and their resulting worldview, through candid interviews of black men --who span the spectrum of age and background – to illustrate through their own words and personal reflections the difference between how society perceives black men and how they define themselves.  The film showing will be followed by a talk-back and discussion led by Critical Identity Studies Teaching Fellow, Professor Courtney Patterson



A Talk by Ramzi FawazA Talk by Ramzi Fawaz

Thursday, October 23rd at 7:10pm  "Flame On!": Families, Molecules & the Queerness of The Fantastic Four - A Talk by Ramzi Fawaz - in Richardson Auditorium - Released to popular acclaim in 1961, The Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics) tells the story of anti-Communist space adventurers who gain extraordinary powers when cosmic rays alter their physiology. In this talk, Ramzi Fawaz explores the surprising evolution of the comic-book series, which used the mutated bodies of its heroes to depict the transformation of the bread-winning father, doting wife and bickering male siblings of the 1950s nuclear family into icons of 1960s radicalism: the left-wing intellectual, the liberal feminist, the political activist, and the potential queer. Ramzi Fawaz is an assistant professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His current book project, "The New Mutants: Comic Book Superheroes and Popular Fantasy in Postwar America" will be published by NYU Press in 2015



 Harmony Breeze

Thursday, October 30th at 7:10pm   A Life in Drag with Drag Queen Diva Harmony Breeze -  in Richardson Auditorium - The reigning Miss Gay Days, Harmony Breeze discusses her life in drag.  She will talk about drag culture, performance, and the love and discrimination she's encountered both within the drag community and outside of it.  Appearing in full drag, she will hold a Q&A about all the nitty gritty of being a drag queen - make-up, padding, and tucking. Come find out what Drag is all about!



 Darnell Moore

Monday, November 10th at 7:10pm  The Critical Identity Studies Annual Lecture by Darnell L Moore - in Richardson Auditorium  Darnell L. Moore is an activist, journalist, and teacher who writes about race, masculinity, sexuality, spirituality, and politics in publications like Ebony, The Feminist Wire, The Guardian, The Advocate, and Gawker, He is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has worked in the fields of education and youth development, was appointed by then-Mayor Cory A. Booker as Inaugural Chair of his LGBTQ Advisory Concerns Commission, and is currently on the board of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and was recently a co-organizer of the Black Lives Matter Ride to Ferguson, Missouri.



All events are free and open to the Beloit Community. 

Rethinking Masculinity is benefited by our co-sponsors and the students in CRIS 303 - Masculinities, an advanced theory seminar with a LAP component.  Students from this course will be out and about on campus doing public scholarship on Beloit Masculinities starting in October.  Please support their work by volunteering for their surveys, interviews, and focus groups; attending their events; reading their Round Table articles; and becoming engaged with the questions they pose about Beloit Masculinities.

Hope to see you at one or more of the Rethinking Masculinity events soon!