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Declaring a CRIS Major or Minor

Maybe you've taken "Sex and Power" and are looking for more. Maybe you've taken a course in another department that is cross-listed with CRIS and now you know what all the fuss is about.  Or maybe race, gender, sexuality, social class, dis/ability, post/colonialism, and non/religiosity are exactly what you've been waiting your whole academic life to talk about.  Either way consider a major or a minor in CRIS.

Every new CRIS major and minor will be asked to fill out a CRIS Declaration Plan.  Basically, this is a short document that asks you to reflect on your learning goals, develop a sequence of courses and co-curricular experiences to meet those goals, and muse a bit about how you will put your CRIS training to work in your post-Beloit life.

Or you can always stop by to chat with the CRIS chair, Catherine Orr. She's in MI 205.