Classroom Policies

We’re doing all we can to ensure that the places where we teach and learn are safe.   

Protective measures

Faculty and students must follow all current mask policies in classrooms, labs and studios.

Do not attend class if you start to show symptoms or have been in contact with those who do. Class attendance policies will accommodate students missing class time due to illness, self-quarantine, and/or isolation.

Cleaning products and hand sanitizer supplied by the College will be available in all classrooms.

Class visitors

Community members and admissions guests are permitted to attend classes so long as all current visitor policies are followed, the physical space will safely allow for additional attendees, and the instructor of the class has given permission for the guests to attend.

Grading, Attendance, and Completion Policies


Standard grading procedures will be back in place for the 2021-22 academic year. Students enrolled in courses designated as letter-grade (A-F) will not be able to choose to convert the letter grade to Credit/No Credit, as they could during the previous year.

Class Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to attend class and follow attendance policies set by their instructors. As part of our commitment to one another, please stay home when you feel ill or experience symptoms for which you do not have an explanation.

Student Emergency

The definition of “compelling circumstance” in the following will include personal and/or family challenges that arise because of COVID-19.

“When a student has an emergency (death in the family, severe illness or other compelling circumstance), the student should notify the Dean of Students Office, who shall inform various administrative offices and the student’s instructor(s) and advisor(s) about the absence. However, all absences, including emergencies, are evaluated by the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor in advance whenever possible about an absence. In all cases, the student is responsible for course work missed.” – “Class Attendance” section of the Student Handbook.

You should communicate with your professors, who can help facilitate your access to course materials and negotiate, if possible, alternate deadlines and options for you to show proficiency in the course’s essential learning objectives.

Internships and community-based learning

Students who engage in local internships and community-based learning must follow the guidelines established for behavior on campus and in classrooms. You will be expected to follow these practices regardless of whether or not they are followed at your place of employment or service. If you will be using one of the college’s cars for transportation to your internship or service site, you must abide by the policy for the use of college vehicles.

In the interest of health, safety, and the common good, we urge all students to follow these guidelines whenever they engage in activities in the larger Beloit community and beyond.

Office hours and tutoring

Meetings with your instructors and advisors may occur either in-person or online.

Individual and small group tutoring will occur in-person. Contact LEADS for more information.

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