Student Activities

Our campus community will continue to prioritize protective health practices, self-care, and care of others.

Expect a mix of in-person and virtual activities and events

This flexibility means we can offer a variety of opportunities for fun and engagement while remaining safe.

Indoor and outdoor activities and events are governed by the current campus visitor policy and gathering/events policy.

Ever creative, Dance Professor Gina Ta'i takes her class outdoors on a beautiful Spring day.

Innovate with outdoor gatherings

In-person activities, events, and meetings should occur outside whenever possible. The college has invested in heaters, lights, and picnic tables to create great spaces for students to connect, host events, and hold parties.

Funds are available to increase access to the outdoors for all students in the Beloit College community.

Attendance for all in-person activities, events, and meetings must be within the capacity of the space. Physical distancing is encouraged as it continues to be a highly effective way to avoid illness.

Food and Dining

Institutional funds, such as club funds, may not be used for dine-in meals at restaurants. Food that is obtained via carry-out or delivery is allowable, as long as expenditures are consistent with college financial policies and all personal protective practices are followed. You are encouraged to meet delivery drivers outside or to use a contactless delivery option if it is available.

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