Local Community

Our shared commitment to “Self-Care is Community Care” extends to our relationship with the people of Beloit and the Stateline area.

City of Beloit, Wisconsin

Changes to COVID-19 Policy and Website

Vaccinations, testing, and positive case reporting are no longer required. Masks are optional. The Beloit Covid Plan pages will be archived and no longer updated.


Campus Visitors Policy

Masking is optional for campus visitors. This includes contractors, vendors, Admissions visitors, Advancement visitors, job candidates, and immediate family members and personal guests of Beloit College faculty, staff, students, and emeriti faculty and staff.

  • Visitors do not need to be accompanied by a faculty or staff member or student to enter campus buildings.
  • We welcome visitors to eat on campus in our dining facilities located in Chapin Hall (Commons) and The Powerhouse (Hamiltons).
  • Overnight guests should adhere to the College’s Guest Policy on page 111 of the Student Handbook.

Spectator Policy for On-Campus Events

Spectator events include music, theater, and dance performances, presentations by invited speakers, and athletic events.

General policies

  • All current students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend music, theater, and dance performances, presentations by invited speakers, and athletic events, provided that all policies are followed.
  • Per the events policy, all events that are open to outside spectators.
  • All outside spectators must abide by the campus visitor policy.
  • Capacities may be limited, and tickets may be required.
  • Event sponsors must designate event administrators who will be responsible for ensuring spectators are following all policies and guidelines.
  • Event sponsors are required to list a specific contact person as well as contact information in all event communication.

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