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Beloit launched two schools in January 2024 — the School of Business and the School of Health Sciences. The goal? Solidifying students’ paths to future employers, graduate schools, and the ever-changing working world that awaits. 

Students in the classroom

Rigorous academics. A flexible and innovative curriculum. Supportive faculty and staff. Unique local internship and job opportunities. A passionate, experienced alumni network committed to giving back. 

Why Schools?

A Beloit student designs a project at CELEB. Schools bring career pathways to the center of your college experience by more clearly aligning your academic interests with the professions you want to pursue — linking your classes with career-focused advising and programming, pre-professional experiential learning opportunities, and specialized credentials.

Schools combine the well-rounded, broad knowledge that lies at the core of a liberal arts education with the specialized skills and hands-on experiences employers are seeking. Through Impact Beloit you will have access to our 17,000 alumni and our diverse pool of community partners to help you find and land the internships and jobs of your dreams.

How does it work at a liberal arts college?

At Beloit, joining a school is an extra opportunity, not a requirement. Joining a school won’t require an extra application during the admissions process or silo you into a particular track. And, perhaps most importantly, you can move seamlessly in between or in and out of them, if you change your mind along the way.

You just need an interest in a potential career pathway, conversations with your advisors and trusted mentors, and an interest in taking a handful of interdisciplinary courses to get you started.

The School of Business

Helping students discover their passion and translate it into a business or fulfilling career that finds unique solutions to problems and makes their community a better place.

KEYO's Jaxon Klein, Delna Sepoy and Kaye Palanco at their office in Chicago.

Beloit has strong business economics and quantitative economics majors, and our graduates have been successfully entering a variety of business careers with financially rewarding and meaningful outcomes. On the horizon are new majors in business management and organizational leadership, and minors in finance, marketing, marketing research, sports management, actuarial science, and entrepreneurship, and professional certificates in marketing & e-commerce, social media marketing, marketing analytics, project management, sales, logistics, and more.

Through coursework, internships, community-based learning, and intentional connections from our 17,000 strong alumni network, our graduates will be prepared to enter the business world, launch startups, or enter graduate school with the combination of business and humanistic principles to be ethical, empathetic, and effective business leaders and entrepreneurs.


The School of Health Sciences

Preparing students for healthcare careers by combining rigorous STEM training with comprehensive humanities and social sciences education.

Aaron Joiner'12

Beloit STEM graduates have long arrived at prestigious destinations such as Johns Hopkins, enjoyed strong 1:1 mentoring with faculty, and participated in research as undergraduates long before students at larger schools. The curriculum includes core STEM courses like biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, and social science courses in psychology and sociology. Courses in the arts and humanities offer social, moral, and cultural context for healthcare work.

Through coursework, internships, alumni engagement, and practicums in the city of Beloit and beyond, Beloit College students who graduate from the School of Health Sciences will be prepared for careers and post-graduate medical training in physical therapy, nursing, medicine, and public health, among others.


Do I need to join a school?

Graduating from a school is not required; you still just need a major to graduate from Beloit College, no matter if the major is part of a department in a school or not.

Professors and faculty members who care about you and your learning will be there for you along the way. They’ll help you balance coursework, internships, community-based learning, and connections with alums in the field to prepare you for the world ahead. You’ve got this.

The ingredients for a successful career and a meaningful life are all here. Joining a school at Beloit College can help solidify your path to future employers, graduate schools, and the ever-changing working world that awaits after Beloit.

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