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Spring Symposium Schedule

Room 150, Science Center
8:35 Bruce Atwood Opening Remarks, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
8:40 Daniel George Using Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleontology to Reconstruct the Paleoenvironment of South-Central Wisconsin during the Ordovician Period
9:05 Sarah Holmes Investigating Environmental Conditions Leading up to the Permian-Triassic Extinction Using Sulfide Isotope Ratios
9:30 Harry Kuttner The Hydrogeology of Chamberlin Springs, Beloit, Wisconsin
9:55 Lucy Lehman The Dirt on BUG
10:20 Break  
10:35 Yaffa Grossman Opening Remarks, Department of Biology
10:40 Arianna Cocallas Who Decays Faster? A Comparison of Leaf Litter Decomposition Rates in Invasive and Native Maple Trees
11:05 Joshua Smith Creating Transgenic Crops through the Studies of the Gene Fpgs in the Immune Response of Arabidopsis thaliana
11:30 Leah Kruckman Neophilia Present in Captive-born Grey Wolves (Canis lupus)
11:55 Sophie Maloney What’s Being Eaten on Monkey Island?
1:05 Kevin Braun Opening Remarks, Department of Chemistry
1:10 Chelsea Freeman Multidimensional Niche Divergence: Analysis of Climate Factors in the Distribution of the Genus Crassula in the Cape Region of South Africa
1:35 Li Wan Pre-Metazoan Origins of Voltage-gated Calcium Channels
2:00 Emma Koenig Synthesis of Oriented ZnO Nanostructures and their Environmental Applications to Photoelectrochemistry and Photoremediation
2:25 Jiaqi Luo Terminal Velocity of Opal Nanospheres
2:50 Break  
3:05 Greg Buchanan Opening Remarks,  Department of Psychology
3:10 Megan Young Perovskite Crystal Tuning
3:35 Alexandra Hinck Desirability and Conformity in Gender Roles
4:00 Margaret Casey The Use of Medical Discourse in the Regulation of Women’s Sexuality
4:25 Amelia Tarpey, Santiago Quintan The Academic Gaze: Deconstructing the Symposium
Harry Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall
9:25 Darrah Chavey Opening Remarks, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
9:30 Eleanor Sullivan  The 9/11 Generation - Perspectives on National Security 
9:55 Stephanie Morgan Mapping Misconceptions: An Evaluation of the Use of Concept Maps to Assess Learning Gains
10:20 Break  
10:35 Bill New Opening Remarks, Department of Education & Youth Studies
10:40 Stephanie Mayo Girls’ Rights Within India’s Primary Education System: McNair to Abroad
11:05 Hannah Brusewitz, Alcoholism and Mental Health of Youth on the Rosebud Reservation
  Hatheway Rawlinson
Alida Sánchez,
Caitlin Bethancourt
11:30 Kristen McNeill, Experiences and Observations of Tribal Education on the Rosebud Reservation
John Bakewell,
Dalton Davies, 
Coral Ellis
11:55 Camilla Jackson Red Power Revisited: Lessons Learned from the Early Roots of American Indian Advocacy and Activism
1:05 Jennifer Esperanza  Opening Remarks, Department of Anthropology
1:10 Miranda James Who is Dutch? What It Means to Be a Racialized Body in a White City
1:35 Brooke Kahl From Text to Context: An Internship That Put My Liberal Arts Into Practice
2:00 Marlee Breunig On the Road to Santiago: Community Building on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage
2:25 Dana DiMaggio The Visible is Fleeting: Religious Graffiti and Murals in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, Chile
2:50 Break  
3:05 Robin Zebrowski Opening Remarks, Inter-disciplinary Program in Cognitive Science
3:10 Helen Bush Class, Power and the Articulation of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Kingston
3:35 Emily James “A Certain Hype”: Adolescent Selfhood and Sexual Behavior in Post-Colonial Jamaica
4:00 Elsa Kendall Do You Like Me?: The College Student’s Concept of Self on Facebook
4:25 Kidiocus Carroll, Caitlin Gun Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing: Exploring Social and Academic Vulnerabilities through Blogging
Mathers Room, Pearsons Hall
8:35 Beatrice McKenzie Opening Remarks, Department of History
8:40 Traci Spacek "Visible But Invisible": Reading Jamaican Whiteness in Anthony Winkler, Diana McCaulay, and Michelle Cliff
9:05 Quinn Crawford Plato, Rousseau, and the Implications of Moralistic Freed
9:30 Mateo Lauersdorf  Nullification and States’ Rights: A Neo-Calhounian Approach
9:55 Tamanisha John How the Economy Influences Migration and Perceptions of a “Raced” Society in Guyana
10:20 Break  
10:35 Shannon Fie Opening Remarks, Department of Anthropology
10:40– Nicole Weber, Powerhouse Project Internship Panel: Power in Beloit
  11:30 Chelsea Freeman,
  Amy Delbecq, 
  Katia Colin
11:30– Devon Brinner, Reconstruction, Marketing, and Rigor in the Study of Archaic Archery Technologies
  12:20    Reed Peck-Kriss
1:05 Arielle John Opening Remarks, Department of Economics
1:10 Eugenia Gaines Needing Time to Adapt: The Effects of Consistent Father Involvement on Child Behavior in the Abuse & Neglect System
1:35 Emily Starck Teatime in the Trash: Understanding Culture, Class, and Gender at a Nineteenth-Century Archaeological Site in Beloit, Wisconsin
2:00 Caitlin Rankin Site-Catchment Analysis of Broken Kettle and Broken Kettle West in Plymouth County, Iowa
2:25 Krista Barry Rock Art and Altered States of Consciousness in Prehistoric St. John, US Virgin Islands
2:50 Break  
3:05 Betsy Brewer Opening Remarks, Director of The Office of International Education
3:10 Emilee Suchomski Distinction, Discourse, and College Admissions: Marketing a Liberal Arts College
3:35 Emily Evans The Use of Maori Haka in New Zealand Rugby: Authentic or Othering
4:00 Ousia Whitaker- Digital Narratives of Study Abroad: Chile, South Africa, Spain, Hong Kong, England and Italy through Film
Esmeralda Turner, 
Aliya Summers,
Cate Rubin, 
David Kovarik, 
Catherine Cochran
4:25 Hannah Brusewitz, Telling Our Tales: Digital Storytelling and Study Abroad
Coura Diop, 
Emily Dorjath, 
Brian Gullickson, 
Anicka Schanilec, 
Emma Van Akkeren
Richardson Auditorium, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
8:35 Jingjing Lou Opening Remarks, Department of Education & Youth Studies
8:40 Diana Pinduisaca  Counseling At-Risk Students in Alternative Schooling
9:05 Hannah Brusewitz  Experiences of High School Foreign Exchange Students
9:30 Sara Feld How is Success Defined for Children with Autism?
9:55 Patricia Weber Queer Zines as Educational Tools for Gender and Sexuality
10:20 Break  
10:35 Debra Majeed Opening Remarks, Department of Religious Studies
10:40 Joshua Greenberg The Hybridity of Jewish Identity in the Diaspora: The Moroccan Jewish Identity
11:05 Haleigh Thomas Gendered Violence and Sexual Harassment in Morocco
11:30 Jess Peck Using Abuse; Moroccan Politics, Torture, and the Years of Lead
11:55 Krista Nelson The Power of Touch: Interpersonal Contact and How It Can Influence How We Feel
1:05 Amy Tibbits Opening Remarks, Department of Modern Languages & Literature
1:10 Chloe Bell Waltzing in Vienna: The Importance of the Waltz in Nineteenth Century Austrian Identity 
1:35 Andrew Wood Engaging the Other as Monster, the Monster as Other
2:00 Phoebe Sherman Doing Public History: Archives and Historic Preservation
2:25 Ethan Ley Community Oral History with Latinos in Beloit, Wisconsin
2:50 Break  
3:05 Warren Palmer Opening Remarks, Department of Economics 
3:10 Kyle Bohrer “Ecoterrorism” in the United States: Industry Involvement in Group Prosecution
3:35 Colin Christopher Finding Profitable, Green, and Safe Solutions for Beloit’s Food Waste Management System
4:00 Lydia Stensberg LED Lighting: Exploring Campus Through a Mapping Project
4:25 Arianna Cocallas Sustainability in Practice: Insulating Beloit College
Wood Room (Mayer Hall)
9:00 Patrick Polley Opening Remarks, Department of Physics
9:05 Erik Binter, Investigation of Bernoulli’s Equation in Undergraduate Physics Laboratory
Richea Smith
9:30 Sara Kasten, Inexpensive Nuclear Coincidence Experiments
Elizabeth Kolbeck
9:55 Joshua Litofsky  Optimization and Characterization in Organic Solar Cells
10:20 Break  
10:35 Steve Huss-Lederman Opening Remarks, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
10:40 Joe Lacap The Kappa Parameter: Experimentally Measuring the Effect of Aerosols on the Atmosphere
11:05 Erik Binter Ellipsometry Techniques: Measuring the Properties of Thin Films
11:30 Elizabeth Levy Garbage In, Garbage Out: Making Informed Choices When Cleaning Up Computer Data
11:55 Sarah Pipal, Sharing Stories Using Interactive Maps
Allison Vance
1:05 Josh Moore Opening Remarks, Office of  International Education
1:10 Rebecca Lewis The Shop Around the Corner: A Rural Community Searches for Alternatives
1:35 Cameron LeViere On Ethnographic Failure
2:00 Amanda Lawnicki Laughing for Control: Political Humor in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
2:25 Tatiana Rosario The Cost of Offending Religious Peoples in Contemporary Russia: An Analysis of the Gay Propaganda Ban and the Russian Orthodox Church’s Increasing Role
2:50 Break  
3:05 Lisa Haines-Wright Opening Remarks, Department of English
3:10 Jack Dragu “The greatest exactitude and the most extreme indeterminacy”: Beckett, Surrealism, and the Late Modernist Pursuit of the Formless
3:35 Hannah Aaron Radical Revisions: Feminine Agency in Postmodern Gothic Fictions
4:00 Sarah Simms Voices of Feminist Biblical Interpretation
4:25 Nicole Weber Alternative Approaches to Studying Radical Religious Traditions