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Darrah Chavey

Darrah Chavey's Home Page

Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

Beloit College; 700 College St.; Beloit, Wisconsin
Web: <>
Ph.D., Mathematics, 1984, University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.S., Computer Science, 1987, University of Wisconsin, Madison
             Research Interests:                     
Mathematics:      Computer Science:
     Ethnomathematics       Algorithms; Analysis of Algorithms
     Tilings       Software Engineering
     Classical Geometry       Distributed & Parallel Computing

            Research Papers:

For the abstract, a link to the full paper, and citations referencing the paper, click the title.



Other Mathematics:

Computer Science:

  • A Structured Lab Component for the Introductory Programming Course, SIGCSE Bulletin, 23(1), (1991), pp. 287-295.
  • A Multi-purpose Computer Lab for a Small College, 1995. Proceedings of the User Services Conference, 1995, 23, pp. 67-72.
  • Songs and the Analysis of Algorithms, SIGCSE Bulletin, 27(1), (1996), pp. 4-8. Presented at the ACM-SIGCSE Conference, March 1996.
  • Double Sorting: Testing Their Sorting Skills, SIGCSE ’10: Proceedings of the 41st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, March 2010, pp. 381-384.

Other Papers:

  • Evangeline Walton: Interpreter of Myths, Aurora 9(1), (1984), pp. 33-35.