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CS Honors

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A student receiving a CS major may be eligible for a honors designation at graduation. This designation is recognized at the graduation ceremony and placed on the student's transcript. The CS Program uses the following criteria in determining if a student shall receive this designation.

  1. The student will have a high GPA in all courses used for the CS major where grades are posted for all previous semesters. This is generally 3.6 or higher. An assessment of expected grades in courses for the last semester will be made by the chair by contacting the instructors of the courses.
  2. The student will complete an independent project in CS with a CS advisor with a value of at least​one​ unit or equivalent work in an academic research environment (REU, study abroad). If the work is graded then it should be of B​+​ or higher where ungraded worked is of similar quality. If the work is done outside Beloit College, the CS advisor from the other institution should provide an assessment of the quality of work performed. The one unit or equivalent for the project used for CS honors may not be used to meet any CS degree requirements​.
  3. The student will present their independent project at a venue outside the Math/CS department including Symposium, Midstates or similar gathering. If it is a joint presentation where the student seeking honors is not at least half of the presentation, the student must present individually at a department talk to complete this requirement. The CS faculty should be notified of the presentation so they can attend. If it is not practical for any CS faculty to attend, the presentation must have been accepted via a quality review process. If it is feasible, the presentation will be recorded if all CS faculty cannot attend.
  4. The student will write up the work performed in the research project. The written work is expected to be equivalent to significant paper (15-20 double spaced pages). If software is a major artifact of the project, this can be counted toward the written work but in this case there shall be a paper of 5-10 pages (double spaced) to include the work done and its significance. If the project involves contributions by multiple people then the student should clearly specify their contribution in this write-up. If the project involved software then it will also be submitted.
  5. The student will submit a written request including the project title, project advisor’s name(s), any courses related to the project on their transcript, the location and date of presentation(s), and GPA in all courses required for the CS major along with all needed items to the department chair by April 1st of their final semester. Students should note that the presentation may occur earlier so you should invite the CS faculty if you are considering a CS honors degree.
  6. The CS faculty will review the information about the student and determine if the student should receive CS honors. Meeting the minimum thresholds do not indicate that ​a student is guaranteed a CS honors degree but these guidelines will inform the CS faculty in making a decision.