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Academic Planning

We are thrilled that you want to declare a CS major or minor (or even if you are just thinking about it). To help ensure your needs are met in the best possible way, you should discuss your major/minor plans with a CS professor before declaring. They will help you create an academic plan.

Steps to declaring your CS major or minor:

  • Obtain a declaration card from the Registrar's Office
  • Ask your current advisor (non-CS one) to sign the card
  • See Professor Sue Swanson (SC 434), who will sign the card and assign your CS advisor
  • Deliver the card to the Registrar's Office

Once you declare, you will be added to the CS student mailing list (we can also do this before you declare), given access to the Advanced CS Lab, and asked to provide a photo (if you are willing) for the CS major/minor photo board.