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Comparative Literature Courses

Course information found here includes all permanent offerings and is updated regularly whenever Academic Senate approves changes. For historical information, see the Course Catalogs. For actual course availability in any given term, use Course Search in the Portal.

  • CPLT 190. Introduction to Literary Study (1). Designed for the potential major in comparative literature and other interested students. Possible prerequisite to advanced courses in comparative literature. Methods of close reading of selected works of poetry, drama, and fiction, with training in analysis and critical writing. (Also listed as English 190. Comparative literature majors should register for Comparative Literature 190.) (5T) Offered each semester.

  • CPLT 230. Comparative Literature Topics (.5, 1). The topic will change from term to term, depending upon the instructor, but all will have a specifically comparative dimension and may include study of a genre, form (including film), comparison of authors, inquiry into a critical problem, exploration of a theme, or examination of a period. Students majoring in comparative literature will, when appropriate, be required to read, write, and translate using their principal language at some time during the course. May be repeated for credit if topic is different. (5T) Offered each semester. Prerequisite: Comparative Literature 190, English 190, or consent of instructor.

  • CPLT 261. Literary and Cultural Theory (1). This course studies the processes of representation and interpretation, examining the nature and working of language, texts, and reading. It introduces various critical ideas and approaches, engaging both the contemporary field and its antecedents, and it integrates theory and practice, testing the usefulness of theoretical insights through the actual reading of literary and cultural texts. (Also listed as English 261.) Offered every spring. Prerequisite: English or Comparative Literature 190 and English 195 or 196, or consent of instructor.

  • CPLT 389. Senior Thesis (1). The writing of a substantial paper employing a comparative critical method, which may include a section on the problems of translation and examples of translation by the student, either in the principal or secondary literature. The paper will be completed under the direction of appropriate instructors and the chair of the comparative literature program.

  • CPLT 390. Special Projects (.25 - 1). Individually planned programs of reading or research under the supervision of a member of the comparative literature faculty. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.