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The Beloit College Office of Communications and Marketing serves college offices and departments and their promotional and special events needs. To open a project with our office, use our special event request form or our creative project request form. We will process your request and respond within two business days.

If we've handled a special event for you, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please use our feedback form to share your experience with us. Your response will be kept on file and used to help us help you better plan your next event.

Planning an event

Campus community members who are organizing a college events should take the steps below to register space, get the event on the Master Calendar, and secure promotional and support services:

  1. Book the space using BookIt/Google Calendar (using your account)
  2. Get the event on the Master Calendar using this form (please also use the form to signal your desire for a Terrarium listing or press release)
  3. If this is a high priority event (see below), fill out a Special Events Form to request our support around event staging (podiums, backdrop), related receptions, programs and invitations, etc. 

When in doubt, don't hesitate to call the Director of College Events at ext. 2242. 

Event Promotions and Support Policy

The following policy outlines how the Office of Communication and Marketing prioritizes event promotion activities. This policy was developed to help the office best serve the college community while also clearly and consistently answering event management and promotional support requests. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact our office at 608-363-2625.

1. Highest priority public events

Examples: The Residencies; commencement and convocations (2); Family Discovery Night; major campus organized events/series (#MakingEquityRealatBC, #BlackLivesMatterBeloit, passenger pigeon series in ‘14), and so on

Possible promotional support:

  • Prominently highlighted in Fall/Spring Arts & Lectures postcard
  • NPR underwriting (when appropriate)
  • Stand alone posters/flyer + digital billboards
  • Facebook ads/boosted posts
  • Stand-alone press release + media pitch (when appropriate)
  • Terrarium feature
  • Social media posts (Twitter)
  • Master Calendar
  • Event design + support (including possible reception)
  • Livestream (when possible)
  • Event program (when needed)

2. Priority public events  

Examples: Exhibitions (Wright and Logan Museums); Recurring lectures (Phi Beta Kappa, Hollensteiner, Woodard, Duffy); Student and International Symposia; residency events beyond main public lecture; featured TDMS events (Chelonia/December Dance Workshop, plays, musical performances), popular public events (Observatory Open House), college-sponsored events

Possible promotional support:

  • Included in Fall/Spring Arts & Lectures postcard
  • Stand alone posters/flyer (when requested)
  • Inclusion in monthly events press release + media pitch (when appropriate)
  • Terrarium inclusion
  • Social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Master Calendar listing + daily events email (week-of)
  • Event support (including possible reception)

3. Standard events

Examples: Visiting lecturers; student-organized events (RA skits, Rocky Horror, hypnotists); movie screenings; recitals; college sponsored events (BIFF, RCA)

Possible promotional support:

  • Listing in Fall/Spring Arts & Lectures postcard
  • Inclusion in monthly events press release + media pitch (when appropriate)
  • Terrarium announcement + Terrarium event email listing
  • Appropriate social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Master Calendar listing + daily events email (week-of)
  • College promotional posters template available to organizers (see Flyers on Digicopy site)