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years, classsee classes.

years, alumni class designation—no comma before or after the year and no space between the name and the year (this assures that the apostrophe will face the correct way and that the class year will never be separated from the name): Bob Jones'59 is the new coach.

years, series—in prose, print the words the reader should be reading, such as "from," "to," "between," and "and." (Example: We lived there from 1975 to '76.) In other uses, such as headlines and lists, use all four digits followed by a hyphen and just two digits if the century remains the same. (Examples: 1970-75; 1990-2001; 1997-98 school year)

years, plural—1970s or the '70s (no possessive apostrophe).

Young Alumni Award—a special award given out by the Beloit College Alumni Association to an alumnus or alumna who graduated from the college 10 or fewer years in the past.

Young Scholars Projectsee Howard Hughes Medical Institute.