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RA—acronym for resident assistant; no periods; plural is RAs, or resident assistants.

"re-" words—use hyphen only before words that begin with "e" or those needing clarity, such as re-creation.

re-creation—use hyphen when referring to "creating again" to avoid confusion with recreation.

Reach—sculpture by O. Verne Shaffer'50 located in front of the Smith Building. The 1965 sculpture presents an encolumned human figure and a bird, the details of which are best viewed from above. See appendix.

Recognition Party—annual spring event to celebrate faculty and staff achievements. It should not be referred to by its former name: the Book Party.

Red Squaresee Campbell Plaza.

registered mark

residence halls—use this instead of dorms; see appendix for list.

Residency programs—Beloit currently has six residencies in place that bring to campus distinguished individuals to teach, conduct workshops, and/or perform or exhibit their works: The Victor E. Ferrall, Jr. Endowed Artists-in-Residence; the Ginsberg Family Endowed Artists-in-Residence Program; the Lois and Willard Mackey Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing; the Ousley Scholar in Residence; the Upton Scholar (in economics); and the Weissberg Chair in Human Rights (see individual entries for additional information).

resident assistant (RA)—no periods in acronym.

resumé—the original French word has another accent over the first "e" but English pronunciation does not reflect that accent.

reunions and classes—do not capitalize. (Examples: 25th reunion class; the class of 1973's 25th reunion)

Rhodes Scholarship—Rhodes Scholars are chosen, in part because of their leadership ability, from a national pool of students for two to three years of graduate study at Oxford University.

Richardson Auditorium—always tell the reader it's in Morse-Ingersoll Hall. See appendix.

Richardson lecture—an endowed lectureship named in honor of Robert K. "Dickie" Richardson, a Beloit history professor from 1901 to 1947. This annual guest lecture focuses on history.


RiverFront Project (Beloit 2020)—capitalize this way when referring to its proper name.

Rollerblades—capitalize this brand name for inline skates.

room names—capitalize formal room names (Mead Room, Mathers A & B, Wood Room, etc.). see appendix.

Room numbers—do not capitalize the word "room," if used at all (Chamberlin 217 or Chamberlin Hall room 217).

Round Table—capitalize and italicize only these two words when referring to Beloit's student newspaper. Its office is in Pearsons Hall. Through the years, the presentation of the name varies with the students in charge, sometimes including "The" in the title; for consistency over time in administrative college materials, follow the style listed here.

Roy Chapman Andrews Society—honors the legacy of one of Beloit's most famous graduates from the class of 1906. Each year it awards the Distinguished Explorer Award to an individual who promotes the values of scientific exploration and discovery. The society's connection to the college also comes through the Logan Museum, which has traditionally provided leadership to the organization.